November 09, 1992 12:00 PM

Although correspondents remain sympathetic to The plight of Magic Johnson and his family (PEOPLE, Oct. 19), many are offended by The promiscuity that led in his infection with HIV. Most readers who responded to our story on Kathleen Marquardt and her organization, Putting People First, were outraged by what they consider her cruel disregard for animals.


I can only imagine the pain Magic’s wife, Cookie, must have endured during their 14-year relationship while he pursued his basketball career and sowed his wild oats. Then she suddenly found herself and her tinhorn child faced with this nightmare. Your story only confirms my belief that the real hero is Cookie. She has demonstrated what commitment, love and strength are all about.

ROBBIN TROUT, Grand Rapids

Because Magic Johnson has publicly complained that “not enough” is being done about AIDS, surely he is going to donate all of his new $14.6 million salary to AIDS research.


A spokesman for Magic says, “He has always donated both his time and money to charitable organizations and will continue to do so.”—ED.


I hate to break it to Kathleen Marquardt, but Putting People First is hardly a new concept. One only has to pull one’s head out of the sand and look at our poisoned oceans, ravaged rain forests, diminishing resources and vanishing wildlife to see what this egocentric view has achieved.

KIM LAURITSEN, Presque Isle, Maine

Oh, goody! Now I can go back to supporting cruelly to animals because Kathleen Marquardt, the bimbo shill of the fur, meal and vivisection industries, says so.

MARIN BLESSING, Kensington, Md.

Your article was a refreshing alternative to the enviro-babble that seems a mainstay of our mainstream media. Bravo, for a chance to let other persons Put Sense First.

JOSEPH C. GOULDEN, Washington, D.


In your story on my former husband, computer hacker Ian Murphy, he was quoted as saying that our marriage ended because “she got ethics and didn’t like the work I did.” I would like it known that I have always had ethics—before, during and after my marriage. I divorced him when I lost hope of his ever becoming a responsible citizen.



It’s about lime that the little guy in this country had a voice and that the voice is Rush Limbaugh’s. We are tired of the liberal left, silting in their million-dollar homes, telling us that we are not “sensitive enough” to the poor and downtrodden.

BETTY WILBANKS, Falkner, Miss.

When George Bush proclaimed he would go to any lengths to win reelection, I hardly expected him to go to the gutter with Rush Limbaugh. I know this peddler of hate has a following of loyal, mindless supporters. So did Adolph Hitler.

PAUL J. GROSS, Ypsilanti, Mich.

I challenge you to print Bush Limbaugh’s beliefs. Then, if you wish, you can have Mark Goodman or another of your long-haired, maggotinfested, dope-smoking liberal writers try to take issue with those beliefs.


Raleigh, N.C.


I would like to correct your review, which said LeRon Lee, an ex-major leaguer, appeared in the film Mr. Baseball. The former major leaguer who appeared in the movie, and served as its baseball adviser, was Leon Lee, LeRon’s younger brother. Leon and LeRon both played many years of baseball in Japan.


Just glanced through the Song section of Picks & Pans. Vijaya Anand, Ofra Haza, Youssou N’Dour and Papa Wemba? Who are these people? Damn, I miss Perry Como.

CARYL MARSHALL, Green Cove Springs, Fla.

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