By People Staff
October 12, 1992 12:00 PM

Fans of the late Princess Grace were delighted with our photographs from Howell Conant’s book (PEOPLE, Sept. 21), while animal lovers were furious with veterinarian Tom Butler, who breeds animals for medical research.


Princess Grace was not only breath-takingly beautiful and talented but also an intelligent, warm and complicated woman. Grace Kelly provided evidence for dreamers like me that fairy tales really do come true.

DARLA JEAN NASH, Fayetteville, Ark.

Finally a real princess! Buckingham Palace can keep their English roses. Her Serene Highness, Princess Grace of Monaco, was the epitome of a true American Beauty.

MARY EMRICK, Fairfield, Ohio


The hypocrisy of Tom Butler’s world makes me sick. Something is very wrong with a system that supports breeding animals to give them a human disease, confine them to a cage, torture them in lab experiments, then kill or “retire” them. Giving them numbers instead of names does not diminish their pain. If Tom Butler really loves animals, he should be lobbying for the required use of the numerous nonanimal testing methods being employed by more humane and enlightened scientists.


Tom Butler says, “When it comes to a decision of life between an animal and a person, there is no decision”? Well, if it were up to me, I’d choose a compassionate baboon over a detached Tom Butler anytime.


I am glad to see magazines finally telling the truth about animal research. These people are not mad scientists who slaughter for no reason, as extremists would like to believe. The animal-rights movement is one of lies, misinformation and violence. Bomb threats against Tom Butler were not carried out, but hundreds have been. In fact, a Michigan State U. lab studying ways to reduce use of animals in research was set ablaze and 30 years of data lost.



Superman’s demise at the hands of “an escapee from an interplanetary insane asylum” has stunned advocates for the mentally ill. To generations Superman has been the embodiment of good; to have him destroyed by a character with a psychiatric disability perpetuates the stigmatizing myth that people with mental illness are the embodiment of evil. Time Warner’s insidious, comic-book message to impressionable young people will do incalculable damage to our cause for generations.



On the weekend that Marilyn Monroe died (PEOPLE, Aug. 10), Robert and Ethel Kennedy and four of their children were staying at our ranch in the Santa Cruz mountains 80 miles from San Francisco and 350 miles from Los Angeles. I was a partner in the San Francisco law firm of Pillsbury, Madison & Sutro, and I had come to know Jack Kennedy during World War II. I was, and always have been, a Republican, but when [Jack] was elected, I was invited to head up a division in the Attorney General’s office. It was a difficult decision, but I gratefully declined. When I learned that Bobby was to address the American Bar Association convention in San Francisco, I wanted to show my appreciation.

  • We were all up early Saturday morning. Bob, Ethel, my wife, Nancy, and I rode horseback up to the top of Mount Madonna. Later there was swimming and a barbecued lunch. After lunch Bob challenged us to run to a flat meadow at the top of the ranch for a game of touch football. Afterward there was swimming and playing around the pool. Finally, the children showered and dressed for dinner. I remember Bobby sitting with them while they ate and telling them stories. After the children were tucked in their beds, Bob, Ethel, Nancy and I sat down to dinner. We went to bed around 10:30. Sunday morning everyone was up for an early breakfast and then to the early mass at the Catholic church in Gilroy. After lunch I drove the Kennedys to San Francisco. The Kennedys had been invited by the Paul Fays [Fay was a close Kennedy friend who had served with JFK on PT 109 during the war] to use their apartment in San Francisco, so I took them there. I cannot recall where we learned of Marilyn’s death [on Saturday night], but I believe it was at the Fays. In any case, [Bob Kennedy] and his family were with us from Friday afternoon to Sunday. There is no way he could have gone to Southern California and returned. Fabrications by the media and so-called eyewitnesses are outrageous, ridiculous, disgraceful and an insult to the memory of Bob Kennedy.
  • JOHN B. BATES, San Francisco

Authors Brown and Barham reply that they stand by the reporting in their book.