By People Staff
Updated September 21, 1992 12:00 PM

Big mistake, Woody! said most our correspondents after learning of Allen’s affair with Soon-Yi Farrow Previn (PEOPLE, Aug. 31). Readers sided with Mia Farrow, Allen’s former lover—and Soon-Yi’s mother—in the fight for custody of three of her children, and they questioned Woody’s standards of trust, loyalty and incest.


Regarding the Woody-Mia mishmash, they should all he ashamed of themselves—Woody for romancing his girlfriend’s daughter, Soon-Yi for romancing her mother’s boyfriend, and Mia for using this as an excuse to vent her revenge and for involving all those innocent kids. What no one mentioned is that when she was 21, Mia married a man in his 50s [Frank Sinatra] and alter their divorce, had an affair with her best friend’s husband, Andre Previn, getting pregnant by him and causing him to divorce his wife and marry her.

GRETA RHOADS, Beverly Hills

I strongly disagree with “a source close to Allen” that love doesn’t choose. Where a 56-year-old man is concerned, this situation should have been all about choice and a simple thing called the right thing to do. It would appear that Allen has grown intellectually and creatively over the years, but after 25 years of psychotherapy, one would think that emotional growth would also have taken place. Only a selfish, narcissistic, self-absorbed individual would risk tarnishing the life of one child, let alone eroding the trust and loyalty of 11 children and their mother.

BARBARA S. RABKE, West Orange, N.J.

Soon-Yi Farrow Previn claims that Mia heat her upon learning of her affair with Woody Allen. She should thank her lucky stars she got off that easy. If it were me, I would have shot them both—at point-blank range.


Relative to your and other publications’ stories on Mia Farrow and Woody Allen, it has incorrectly been picked up from an error in Eric Lax’s biography of Mr. Allen that it was Michael Caine, not I, who introduced Woody to Mia. While it makes for a much more glamorous story to say that Michael introduced them, and while Mr. Caine was with me at the time, it was I who went over to Woody’s table at the Upper East Side celebrity hangout Elaine’s and told Woody that Mia wanted to meet him and took him by the hand back to our table and introduced them.

ROBERT M. ZAREM, New York City

Webster’s Dictionary defines scandal, in part, as “an action that offends public morality.” As a member of the public’, I do not find the actions of Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Farrow Previn scandalous; rather, I view their actions as personal quests to experience and understand more fully the meaning of love. I am also certain that when the pain has ended and the healing is complete, all the individuals in this situation will understand at a deeper level the freedom and fulfillment that comes with forgiveness.

CARLINO GIAMPOLO, author of The Art of Letting Go, Honolulu


Bravo to your “Singular Dads,” also known as Male Murphy Browns. These dads in your article know more about family values than Dan Quayle does, despite his claim to be an expert on the subject. I know, because like Mrs. Dan Quayle, I am married to an avid golfer. Read my lips, Mr. Vice President: Marilyn Quayle is a single mom.

ALYSON SOUSA, Easton, Mass.

You suggest in the story “Singular Dads” that the fathers may be “pioneers of a new American family.” I hope not. You use 1) a rich, overgrown kid who was able to buy the services of a baby machine: 2) a lather because of a “casual relationship” (would “casually” be a better word?); 3) an assistant store manager who had an affair to remember with a dopehead and still lives with his parents; and 4) a gay man with a “parental instinct.” These stories attempted to illustrate the presence of family values. They definitely illustrated the absence of moral values.


Hurray for single fathers! My best wishes go out to Brad Akin and his beautiful adopted daughter, Alexandra. Hopefully, stories like this will educate people about America’s gay population and about the role they play in the arena of “family values.” Attention, President Bush and the moral majority: Gay people are people too, and, yes, they have values!

EILEEN ADAMS, Bellevue, Wash.


Thanks for the story on Mary-Chapin Carpenter. The songs that she writes, produces and sings are both heartfelt and thought provoking. Rock? Folk? Country? Who cares? Just keep it coming, Mary-Chapin.

LYNN M. GAGNE, Middletown, R.I.