By People Staff
Updated June 01, 1992 12:00 PM

Correspondents cheered Kate Jackson’s triumph over breast cancer (PEOPLE, May 11), hut most of our mail this week came from pro-choice and antiabortion advocates having at each other over our story on abortion-clinic protests in Buffalo.


Kudos to Kate Jackson! Her battle with breast cancer is a powerful reminder to women everywhere. Mammography saves lives and can detect cancer even before it can be felt.


Thank you, Kate, for sharing your story. At 39, I’ve had my first mammogram, for no reason other than my doctor suggested it during my yearly physical. I too have a microscopic growth in my left breast and am awaiting surgery. I in terrified at what the outcome may be, but your upbeat attitude, courage and survival are helping to quell my fears.

ADELE F. RAPHAEL, Fairhaven, Mass.


If antiabortionists are so truly concerned for the welfare of a child, why are so many children left unadopted, homeless, hungry, sexually abused and hurt? Why don’t the so-called pro-lifers focus on the living to prove their point?

KATHLEEN M. McQUADE, Fountain Valley, Calif.

Philip Smith is wrong. The choice a woman makes about abortion is not whether the baby-in-the-womb’s life is worth living. It’s about whether the mother’s life is worth preserving. If a woman feels she’s ready for the responsibility of raising a child, wonderful, have at it! But if a woman knows in her heart that she’s not ready, emotionally or financially, she should not be forced to bear a child because some religious fanatics believe abortion is wrong. Until one of those antiabortionists hands a prospective mother a contract to pay all expenses incurred in the raising of a child, I can’t take them seriously.

LAURA LAWMASTER, Fullerton, Calif.

At last, an article in your magazine that shows pro-lifers as the caring and concerned individuals we are. I applaud Philip Smith and others like him who stand up for babies in the womb. Why do pro-abortionists simplify this as a “woman’s right”? Let’s not forget the rights of the father, but especially the light to life of the baby. The pro-choice advocates were not denied life, yet their “choice” is to continue murdering others.

JULIE MUMM, Meridian, Idaho


The election of Pete Wilson as Governor of California has turned out to be a disaster for this once great state. If Pete Wilson enjoys a good fight, he’s going to absolutely love 1994.

RICHARD HENRY, Downey, Calif.


Thanks for the story on Dack Rambo concerning his acceptance of being HIV positive. Besides being a terrific actor, he has now taken the challenge of performing his best in a situation everyone is learning about daily, whether with family or friends. His peers in Hollywood and fans throughout the world can learn from his example.

MIKE PETTROSS, Brentwood, Tenn.


In the Nov. 11, 1991, issue of PEOPLE, an article was published about the abduction and murder of my son, Robert Steven Farley, a high school senior from Roswell, N.Mex. Steven was taken from school by a man claiming to be a detective and was killed by Steven’s girlfriend’s neighbor in a jealous rage. As reported, my family and I made a proposal to the school district that included the establishment of a $300,000 memorial scholarship fund in Steven’s name. I’m happy to report it’s been accepted. The fund’s purpose is: (1) to assist deserving students of all ages in furthering their education; (2) to serve as a reminder of the necessity for having and following written policies regarding the safely of all students; (3) to let the memory of Robert Steven Farley be perpetuated. Contributions will be greatly appreciated. Anyone wishing to do so may send it to: Robert Steven Farley Memorial Scholarship Fund; c/o Sun-west Bank; P.O. Box 1858; Roswell, N.Mex. 88201; Attn: Sue Hobbs. Please include your name and address so all contributions can be acknowledged. Although nothing can compensate for the loss of Steven, we can now rest assured that his death will not have been in vain. A brief update: Both men accused of the crime are in custody awaiting trial. They’ll be tried separately, with the first trial scheduled for Sept. 9 in Carlsbad, N.Mex.



Steven’s mother and stepfather, Rio Rancho, N.Mex.