Most correspondents questioned Desiree Washington’s account of her rape by Mike Tyson (PEOPLE, Feb. 21). They just weren’t convinced that Desiree didn’t know what Tyson had on his mind when she went to his hotel room.


I would like to commend your writers for an accurate report of Mike Tyson’s trial here in Indianapolis. However, I thought that your portrayal of Tyson (as the sadistic rapist) and Desiree Washington (as the angelic Sunday-school teacher) was borderline sensationalism. As far as I am concerned, Mike Tyson made his intentions with Desiree very clear, and if she was stupid enough to think that going to a hotel room in the middle of the night was going to be nothing but chitchat over coffee, then I don’t believe she can cry rape.

HEATHER FULTZ, Indianapolis

So Desiree Washington “didn’t [accuse Mike Tyson] for fame.” But it is unlikely that her appearance on the cover of a national magazine has hurt her. Did she generously allow the use of her photo free of charge?

PENNY F. DIAS, Terre Haute, Ind.

No money was asked for; none was paid.—ED.

The sentencing of Mike Tyson renewed my faith in the American judicial system, one that will not allow women to be sexually harassed or raped, punishing the perpetrator, whether an unknown or a celebrity.


In response to Donald Trump’s asinine idea to have Mike Tyson pay monetarily as his punishment as opposed to having him behind bars, I can only wonder what Mr. Trump’s suggestion for punishment would be if it was his daughter that Tyson had raped. I’d like to know how much money he thinks is appropriate to buy back his daughter’s dignity, character and peace of mind?

WENDY D. DOSTER, Sunnyvale, Calif.


Since I am a child care professional, articles such as “When the Bough Breaks” infuriate me. Any harm that is inflicted on a child is a nightmare, and hopefully the recent deluge of tragic day-care stories has forced us to learn from them. However, people need to be made aware that there are many child care workers like myself who truly appreciate children and arc dedicated to providing positive growing experiences and basic care in a loving, safe environment. I am proud of what I do for a living, and I am tired of defending it.

DEBRA LORD. Columbia, Md.

For worried parents, the Child Care Action Campaign has published a pamphlet, How to Find Quality In-Home Care for Your Child. For it and other information on child care, send a self-addressed, stamped No. 10 envelope to: Child Care Action Campaign, 330 Seventh Avenue, 17th floor, New York, N.Y. 10001.



When you named the crew of United Flight 232, you omitted Capt. Denny Fitch, who was riding as a passenger and who volunteered his services. When he joined us in the cockpit as a fourth crew member he became a very valuable part of that team. Please give him the recognition he so rightly deserves. Also, 15 to 20 presentations a month is more than double my average schedule. It is more like 6 or 7 presentations.

AL HAYNES, Sea Tac, Wash.

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