By People Staff
August 12, 1991 12:00 PM

Correspondents were amused, if not indignant, at our description of Marla Maples as a “devout Christian” (PEOPLE, July 22). They reacted variously—with disapproval, sympathy and irritated indifference—to news of the parlous state of Princess Di’s marriage.


Prince Charles knew when he got married it would have to be “for life,” so why is he now behaving like a spoiled, sulky child and not making the best of things, particularly in public? If he is dissatisfied with his life, all he has to do is renounce his right to the throne, divorce his wife and then get on with his life the way he prefers—speaking out on issues a king can’t speak out on—and marry for love.

DIANA KNICKEL, Arlington, Va.

You tend to portray Charles as solely responsible for the farce that now passes as a marriage, while you cuddle up to Diana and feel sorry for her. I don’t want to read any more excuses about why she entered the marriage at the tender age of 20. She knew what she was getting into. She couldn’t possibly think that a man with a university degree and a love of classics would be forever smitten with her charm and overlook her lack of education. As a result of her disastrous marriage, Diana has seen and done, and owns, much, much more than she would ever have seen, done or owned as the kindergarten teacher she started out to be. Feel sorry for her? Hardly.

IRENE GELMAN, Silver Spring, Md.

My sympathies lie with the people of Great Britain, who are forced to support the royal family. At least in the U.S. we have the opportunity to elect our own embarrassments.

NINA MURPHY, Redondo Beach, Calif.

It’s bad enough to include a regular column on the trials and tribulations of Princess Diana, but to feature the “royals” on the cover every other week is ridiculous! Find another “family” to write about soon, or I’ll find another magazine to put on my coffee table.

LISA CAMPBELL, Beaumont, Texas


You wrote that Marla Maples and Kathie Lee Gifford are both devout Christians. Perhaps this is a very new turnaround for Ms. Maples, but I must remind you that devout Christians do not have liaisons with married men or wear revealing clothing or strike sexually suggestive modeling poses. In fact, after this letter, I can’t even regard myself as a devout Christian without being more of a devout hypocrite.

K. O’LEARY, Los Angeles

I think Maria Maples has “devout Christian” confused with “devout ambition.”


Oh, come on, Marla, a “devout Christian?” The only “truth” you were praying for was to keep your sugar daddy.

PATRICIA GATELY, Sacramento, Calif.

I appreciate the fact that Donald Trump is known as the Donald, making the distinction between himself and Donald Duck that much clearer. (No offense to Mr. Duck.)

SUSAN LIM, San Leandro, Calif.


I have given up on eradicating racism at least twice a day. Too many of us live with the pain of it, while others see it as God’s will—one race to dominate all others. Then someone like Morris Dees comes along. He reminds me of all those who came before me, fighting and making sacrifices for change, fairness and self-respect. To give up now would be to turn my back on their blood and tears. I can’t do that. We can’t do that.



After reading about Marge Schott and her dog, Schottzie, I had to write. My dog, Tripod, has lived 13 of her 15 happy, healthy years with only one front limb. Just last week she went camping and hiking in the Rocky Mountains. Please, Marge, don’t equate amputation with suffering. Just love her, do what is necessary to remove the cancerous cells and give her a shot at a long life like my sweet Tripod. Look at it this way: She’ll still have one more leg than you!

RITA EBERLI, Basalt, Colo.


Tim Giago should open his eyes! The Sioux Indians have $234 million in a trust. Don’t you think the thing to do with that money should be to create jobs, buy land, build homes and make a better future for the tribe, rather than waste time feeling sorry for yourselves and being bitter toward a government that is trying, in a small way, to make up for some of the wrongs it committed more than 100 years ago? Take advantage of the money. Life goes on; don’t let stubborn pride stand in the way of a better one.

LORI A. SHUPEL, Wilmington, N.C.