By People Staff
Updated December 23, 1991 12:00 PM

This week correspondents wrote to lend their support to Oprah Winfrey’s call for federal legislation that would establish a national data bank of convicted child abusers (PEOPLE, Dec. 2).


It was terrific to see Candice Bergen on your cover. Murphy Brown is simply the freshest, funniest, greatest show on television. It’s refreshing to know that a show so cleverly written and brilliantly cast exists among the formula sitcoms.



Bravo to Dick Sargent and to PEOPLE for printing his story! Finally an actor comes out of the closet, on his own accord, because he realizes he cares more about himself than he does his career. Dick Sargent, you have just helped others open their closet doors a little bit wider.



As a television producer, it might seem ironic that I applaud elementary-school teacher Pat Marker and his T.V. Busters program to persuade kids to avoid weeknight television. However, why does he single out my CBS series, Rescue 911, negatively? Unlike most TV, Rescue presents positive role models of courageous and caring kids and adults in life-affirming, inspiring true stories. Mr. Marker exempts educational shows and news from his ban. Yet any one newscast contains more violence, cruelty and negativity than three years of Rescue programs.

ARNOLD SHAPIRO, Executive Producer, Los Angeles


In a society where the criminal’s “rights” seem to take precedence over the victim’s, it’s high time more people take a strong stand on protecting our nation’s biggest asset—our children. Thank you, Oprah.

TORI O’HALLORAN, San Jose, Calif.

  • I was molested by my cousin and grandfather. My mother is 43 years old, and she was molested as a child for years by her father. She has yet to live her life without pain. I’m 20 and just started therapy a month ago. Oprah stands for all of the bravery and hope it’s taken so long for me to find. I know we’ll never be able to stop the abuse completely, but with a national registry of convicted child abusers we sure could save a few more children. God help the abusers, and God bless the survivors.
  • NAME WITHHELD, Havelock, N.C.


They say cleanliness is next to godliness, but it’s next to impossible to find in a man. Then there’s Jerry Seinfeld, whose comedy act is as clean and uncluttered as his condo, proving you don’t have to be dirty to be funny. Make that very funny. No wonder he’s a sex symbol.

DEBBIE COHEN, Rochester, N.Y.


Virginia Thomas says she and her husband read the Bible. There is a picture in PEOPLE of the couple doing that, and immediately someone writes, “a more staged, phony picture I have never seen.” The reader continues by suggesting that anyone who would believe such a picture is an idiot. You have convinced me to quit reading PEOPLE and start spending more time with my Bible—although no one will believe it.

TERESA CAMBRIA, Birdsboro, Pa.