March 04, 1991 12:00 PM

Our readers’ verdict, no doubt eagerly awaited by Buckingham Palace, is that Princess Di has gotten the short end of the royal stick in her marriage to Prince Charles (PEOPLE, Feb. 11). Almost all feel that Charles is the one who has a lot of growing up to do.


Knock her when she’s down, why don’t you? At the tender age of 19 Diana seemingly fell in love with her Prince Charming. Now at the more sophisticated age of 29 she’s stuck in a royal rut. Instead of jeering at her obvious pain, we should admire this woman for keeping up her dignity and beauty, even though she is married to a royal baby.

Lori Trautschold


I have often said that I feel sorry for Princess Diana, only to be looked at as if I’m nuts. I’m the same age, and I can’t imagine being in a marriage such as hers. It’s sad that Prince Charles is jealous of his own wife. I will never be the Queen of England, have a sapphire the size of a baseball or live in palaces, but I’m married to my best friend. Princess Di should be so lucky.

Anne Basist

Weymouth, Mass.

Give me a break! Prince Charles is a healthy man in the prime of life. He has a beautiful young wife and two little boys who love him (or at least they would if he would hang around long enough). He has both the wealth and power to accomplish many great things for his country and maybe even the world. Yet he sits in his castle and feels sorry for himself because he can’t play polo? Wake up and smell the coffee, Charlie! Maybe if you started acting like a king instead of a spoiled child, Mummy would step down and let you take over.

Teri Skalet

Upland, Calif.

If all that is missing from Princess Diana’s life is “the passion of a husband’s love,” she has no one to blame but herself. Like many other women who marry for personal aggrandizement, the Princess of Wales was thrilled to accept the perks of her elevated station (“I know what I want,” she admitted on TV) but too selfish or immature to make those necessary sacrifices that might have so easily secured her husband’s happiness. He is the one, after all, who made her dreams come true.

Alexandra Mark, Ph.D.

Brookline, Mass.

Dr. Mark is the author of Marriage: Made in Heaven.—ED.

I never felt as if Diana and I had much in common until I read your article, but we actually have a lot in common. We both have two sons—and neither of us is sleeping with Prince Charles.

Connie Picker

Chesterfield, Mo.


Hollywood will really miss the proverbial canoe if they fail to offer Rodney A. Grant many more opportunities to exhibit his obvious acting ability. But if his acceptance of other roles would necessitate the cutting of that magnificent hair, attaining stardom would definitely not be worth the sacrifice!

Mary Emrick

Fairfield, Ohio

Finally recognition for someone other than Kevin Costner in Dances with Wolves. Rodney A. Grant as Wind in His Hair gave a tremendous boost to my libido!

Lisa Stewart

Springfield, Mo.


I was appalled to read that Drew Barry-more was “emancipated” by the courts. How could anyone be so irresponsible as to allow a 15-year-old recovering substance abuser the freedoms of an adult? It was genetics, fame and permissiveness that created Drew’s problems to begin with. She can’t control the genes, but she needs strict and loving structure to help her recover. Her mother should have her head examined.

Stefanie Eskander

Eden Prairie, Minn.


Mr. Marinovich, please give Todd and us a break! From the sound of the article, you crammed football down his throat for so long he couldn’t tell you if that is what he wanted to do or not. Todd is crying out for help. Maybe if you would love and encourage Todd for what he does and can do instead of trying to make him what you think he should be, he would be a lot happier and this would never have happened.

Charlotte A. Dye

Hammondsville. Ohio

Every parent’s biggest fear is that their child will become involved in drugs, and dear old Dad refers to this as Todd’s “wake-up call.” I feel the phone’s been ringing a long time for Dad and he’s still sleeping through his wake-up call.

Brookie K. Ritchie

Barrington, Ill.


I cannot believe Patti Frustaci took the same fertility drug again after receiving a $2.7 million settlement! Sure, “everything’s fine” now that her new twins are healthy. She probably also has a lovely new home, a shiny new car and plenty left over for the medical bills for the three remaining babies’ eye and developmental problems.

Shellah Garrett


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