January 28, 1991 12:00 PM

Writing harsh words about the New Kids on the Block (PEOPLE, Dec. 31-Jan. 7) means looking for trouble—and getting it; it never takes long for the fans to hit the fan. So it was no surprise when we got 139 letters—only three of them friendly—for putting the Kids on our annual Worst of Song list. Thanks to that provocation, and others, we received more mail for our most recent Year End double issue than for any of the previous 16.


You have the gall and audacity to list Saddam Hussein as one of the Most Intriguing People of 1990? Hussein is nothing more than a psychotic tyrant whose sole ambition is to first control the Mideast and eventually the world. To recognize this madman as an intriguing person along with the likes of President Bush, Nelson Mandela and Colin Powell is truly shabby journalism.

Harvey Ohren

Hawthorne, Calif.

I have one question for Claudia Schiffer. If she never does anything deliberately sexy, why is she posing topless with unbuttoned jeans?

Jean Merquart


Bravo to Nancy Ziegenmeyer for speaking out so courageously about the crime of rape. No victim of rape deserves to be a victim of shame. Part of educating society about the horrors of crime is to personalize the victims. Crime is not about abstractions; it happens to real people with real names and faces.

Ann Pompelio

Sparta, N.J.

Thanks for the photo of Delta Burke as one of the Most Intriguing. Suzanne Sugarbaker is one of the five reasons I enjoy Designing Women so much, and every time I see Miss Burke, my knees weaken just a little. Gerald McRaney, you are one blessedly lucky pup!

Richard D. Morgan

Ocean, N.J.

Nancy Cruzan’s parents should feel a sense of contentment and fresh realization that God truly does work in mysterious ways. Nancy’s limbo was for a purpose—those years of pain for her parents and loved ones were not in vain. Nancy has gone to be with God, but not before her task was completed.

Marcia Boeing

East Troy, Wis.

I’m positive it must have been a clerical error, because I can’t find Kevin Costner listed among your 25 Most Intriguing People. Producing, directing and starring in a beautiful three-hour movie really should warrant a few votes. I realize Bart Simpson is cute, but intriguing?

Lynda La Force

Bakersfield, Calif.


What the heck is wrong with you people? Don’t any of you have children who like the New Kids? Would you rather they were interested in Cinderella or Guns N’ Roses instead? We all have different tastes in music, but the Kids enjoy what they do, they make a lot of people happy, and they use their position in a positive way. Who are you to sit there in your executive offices and judge what’s “callow”” or “formulaic”? I’m 26 and not one bit ashamed to say I’m a blockhead, and I’ll stick up for them whenever necessary.

Alicia Wise

Clifton Heights, Pa.

My father said he would write a letter for me because I am only 5 years old. At my day-care center, all the kids in my class love the New Kids on the Block. I have their tape at home, and I listen to it all the time. For Christmas I got a poster of the Kids, and I like Donny the best. I may be only 5 years old, but I have an opinion too, and in my opinion New Kids on the Block’s album Step by Step is the best one in the whole world.

Tricia Likes

Yukon, Okla.

Are you serious about your choice of The Hot Spot as one of the “near misses” for year’s best? I’m still telling people how awful it was. The handful of us who were in the theater hooted and howled through the whole thing. My friends still won’t allow me to suggest movies to go to as my punishment for selecting—and insisting we see—that dog.

Amanda Larmore

Beverly, N.J.

Wait a minute. You listed Madonna in Best of Song and Gary Morris in Worst? Gary Morris brings us beautiful, sensitive music about the homeless, the state the world is in, a song to his son, memories of a father, and his respect for the woman he loves. Madonna brings porn into our living rooms and has helped take the innocence from our children.

Gladys Amherdt

Crystal Lake, Ill.


You can keep your size-6 Marla Maples and Ivana Trump. Turn to page 152 of your special issue and see the face of one of the world’s truly beautiful people—Fanniedell Peeples. God bless that special soul whose face is the last thing many dying babies see in Detroit’s Children’s Hospital. Finally, someone worth reading about.

Donna S. Maier

Columbus, Ohio

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