May 20, 1991 12:00 PM

Did she or didn’t she? Is she or isn’t she? Whatever they believe about Nancy Reagan, readers had little good to say about Kitty Kelley, her motives or her book about the former First Lady (PEOPLE, April 29). Many were pleased to note that a tell-all book about Kelley will soon be released.


I want Nancy Reagan to know that she should take heart. Just because she put some pizzazz back into the dull role of First Lady, she naturally becomes a target for everyone—including her daughter—who is out to make a buck. Nancy, if you hadn’t been such a spectacular and noteworthy woman, none of this would have happened. After all, how many people wasted their time on expose articles about lackluster Rosalyn Carter?

LINDA GLADYCH, Westland, Mich.

After reading Nancy Reagan’s own account of her life in the White House and the way that she referred to several disputes with her children and political associates, anything Kitty Kelley may have written wouldn’t surprise me. From Mrs. Reagan’s own account, she sounded ruthless and uncaring, especially in dealing with her children. I’m glad she wasn’t my mother.

K. HIRST, Orem, Utah

A book is coming out about Kitty Kelley? Wonderful! There’s an old saying: “What goes around, comes around.” Let’s see how she likes being on the other side of the poison pen.

VIRGINIA A. KETCHAM, Wasilla, Alaska

For eight years I watched in horror as Ronald Reagan butchered social programs created to benefit the country’s poor, ill and underprivileged. Funds were slashed for education, job training, drug rehabilitation, Medicaid, Medicare, etc. When will anyone realize that what the Reagans did in their private lives was nowhere near as evil and selfish as what they did in public with the blessing of the American people?


If Kitty Kelley was so sure Nancy Reagan and Frank Sinatra had an affair in the ’70s, why was it not mentioned in her book on Sinatra, written in the ’80s? I feel Kitty’s “litter” should be buried with all her other books—six feet deep.


It is true that I was startled to hear from your reporter that I had been acknowledged as a source by Kitty Kelley. However, upon checking the book, I find that the little I had to say was treated with complete accuracy.



Since I am a Floridian I may be prejudiced, but your profile of Ellen MacFarlane was an inspiration and a blast of humanity in an issue featuring Miss Kitty, Miss Nancy and Miss Stephanie. Thanks for showing us a true ’90s woman.

LAUREL GREINER, Melbourne Beach, Fla.

Thank you for your article on Ellen MacFarlane. I too was diagnosed in 1986 with MS. I was 26 and horrified and will never forget how I cried that day. I then said to my 5-year-old son, “I’ll never quit if you don’t.” Five years later I’m very fortunate to have a relatively mild case of MS, work a full-time job, raise a child alone and thank God that when my feet hit the floor every morning at 6 A.M., I can walk.

DEBORAH KILLOY, Trumbull, Conn.


I’d like to thank the National Infomercial Marketing Association and all of its half-hour-or-longer “infomercials” for helping me do something I’ve been trying to do for years: turn off my TV!



In the ’70s I worked on Merv Griffin’s talk show staff, my office a few feet away from his. Merv had control of every aspect of his business and made all the final decisions. He was generally nice to his staff, but you had to toe the line and follow “the rules.” He didn’t hesitate to fire someone when he felt it was necessary. He was shrewd, clever, creative and powerful. For Brent Plott to suggest he was a key factor in Merv’s ability to sell to Coca-Cola is ridiculous. By the way, I was one of the ones who temporarily went out of bounds from “the rules,” and Merv fired me. Then, and to this day, I have nothing but respect for the man.


I am very upset at this alleged “palimony” suit against Merv Griffin. Mr. Griffin is a decent-living man, and he would never do anything like this! The guy who’s suing him is just after his money. I certainly hope this suit won’t affect Merv’s relationship with Eva Gabor. They’ve been friends too long to break up over something like this.

LISA GAGAN, Lansdowne, Pa.

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