April 08, 1991 12:00 PM

Sandra Dee may have been gone for 20 years (PEOPLE, March 18), but she obviously wasn’t forgotten. Correspondents were delighted to learn that she is alive and putting her life back in order. This story brought us more letters and phone calls than any other this year.


I read your story on Sandra Dee as if it were a letter from a long-lost friend. In the late ’50s and early ’60s, Sandra Dee was my role model. At a time when many of my friends were experimenting with drugs and alcohol, her image, and my wanting to be like her, saved me from that. No, I am not disappointed in her. She has grown and experienced life, and she looks wonderful.

Bonnie Thornton

Orange, Calif.

I imagined Sandra Dee living comfortably, perhaps collecting college degrees and probably baking the best cookies in the world. Little did I know. Either way, it is wonderful to have her back.

Patricia A. Drake

Pensacola, Fla.

Would someone please tell Sandra Dee her white-knuckle approach to sobriety is not necessary? The “family” she longs for can be found in Alcoholics Anonymous. And it’s free.

B.J. Herrera

Lansing, Mich.

For years I wondered. “Whatever happened to Sandra Dee?” Now I know. I admire Miss Dee for her courage to share her ordeal with the public. Hopefully this will help in her healing process as well as giving insight to others in similar situations.

Sherry Terry

Lafayette, Ind.


Hooray for Don Hewitt! While my heart goes out to the hundreds of thousands of mothers in this country who must hold down jobs in order to make ends meet, it’s the hyperprofessional females like Meredith Vieira who infuriate me. These women make the decision to have children and a career, then expect the business community to go out of their way to accommodate them. My advice to Ms. Vieira is: Take the half million CBS so generously paid you over the past two years and go play little mommy to your heart’s content. But don’t whine about your “unfair” treatment.

Name Withheld

Lombard, Ill.

Why is it that for women in 1991, bearing and raising children is still considered inconsistent with being the “next Harry Reasoner”? I am a woman in a profession that is embattled and embittered by the same issues. It is simply not necessary. Wake up and take a walk out of the Dark Ages, Mr. Hewitt. By accommodating talent like Meredith Vieira, you will only enhance the quality of your network and the lives of the women and men who work there.

Jeniphr A.E. Breckenridge



In Julia Phillips’s new book, You’ll Never Eat Lunch in This Town Again, the despicable opening sentence regarding Liza Minnelli at the 1976 Golden Globe Awards was completely inaccurate. My sister, Liza, did not even attend the show, because she was performing on Broadway. As a result, I took her place on the awards show that year. If this is just a sample of the fabrications that Ms. Phillips has written, one can only imagine what the remainder of her book contains. Maybe, just maybe, the $120,000 worth of cocaine Phillips admitted putting up her nose in only two months fogged her so-called photographic memory just a hair. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t get stoned.

Lorna Luft

Los Angeles

Julia Phillips replies that she was referring to the 1977 Golden Globe Awards. The error in the date supplied was ours.—Ed.


Nothing against Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith—I’m sure they’re fine people and make scintillating conversation. But why are they issued invitations to state dinners for foreign dignitaries? Certainly America should invite its best and brightest to meet visiting heads of state, but I’m afraid the White House helps perpetuate one of our country’s least appealing traits—the confusion between celebrity status and real achievement.

Charles Spungen

Highland Park, Ill.


Your casting agent for Desert Storm: The Movie missed the mark. The obvious choice for General Schwarzkopf is Brian Dennehy. And I’m sure nobody could portray Arthur Kent any better than Robert Palmer.

Paula M. Quick

Arlington, Texas

Edward Asner as Norman Schwarzkopf and Edward James Olmos as Saddam Hussein.

Sessemy State

Grand Rapids, Mich.

It should be obvious to anyone who saw him cover the war so courageously and still manage to look sexy as hell that only Arthur Kent is handsome enough to play Arthur Kent.

Celine Lane

Waitsfield, Vt.

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