August 06, 1990 12:00 PM

Okay, okay, we get the point! You like New Kids on the Block, and you don’t like David Hiltbrand’s review of their album Step by Step (PEOPLE, July 16). This was by far the largest mail response we have ever received for a review, and that makes critic Hiltbrand very happy. On the other hand, it has also made him reluctant to be seen on the streets without his crack team of karate-trained Rottweilers.


Years ago, when Prince Charles was questioned about why he was taking such a long time to choose his bride, he replied (in essence) that as the future King of England he didn’t have the luxury of making a mistake. Well, it’s obvious his patience and perseverance paid off. While not Mrs. Perfect, Diana has clearly shown she has her priorities in order, carefully balancing and juggling family and royal obligations so that neither comes out on the short end.

Norma Falk-Trent

Towanda, Pa.

Though Princess Diana may be nudging herself and her children into the modern world, clearly Prince Charles is still living in the Dark Ages. “Charles’s refusal to accommodate anyone beyond himself” leads me to believe he is the one who needs a spanking, not William.

Julie Marie Netz

Boise, Idaho

I guess it’s true. Practice makes perfect. After publishing countless Princess Diana articles in your magazine dealing mainly with the surface fluff in her life, you’ve finally written a piece that represents all the meaningful aspects of a truly magnificent person. This one was worth reading.

Kelly Williams

Del Mar, Calif.


With Imelda Marcos’s acquittal, the Filipinos have just been dealt a devastating blow. It is proof that justice turns a blind eye on the crimes of ultrarich crooks like her. Filipinos have always looked up to the American justice system as one worth emulating and in which no one is above the law. But after Imelda’s victory, I seriously doubt they will.

Cheryl V. Echevarria

Walnut Creek, Calif.


What a selfish person Karyn Brooks is! Christopher is being deprived of a grandmother’s special kind of nurturing and at the same time is being exposed to the immature vindictiveness of his mother. Karyn, you may garner some petty satisfaction from hurting your mother now, but remember, what goes around comes around.

Pauline K. Dessler

Highland Park, Ill.

This is a 58-year-old grandma saying this: Dorothy Dillon is an ignorant woman. If she loved her grandson, she would do what is best for him—not her. She needs to leave her daughter and her family alone to live their lives as they choose. If she wants to get close to a child, she can join the foster grandparents’ group.

Joann Reiter

Crest Hill, Ill.

It seems that both sides of this argument have failed to realize that the only person being truly punished is little Christopher. Why can’t adults let this child decide for himself whether or not he would like to visit his grandmother?

Suzanne Stemmons

Baldwin, N.Y.


I was disgusted by David Hiltbrand’s inability to see the good points in the New Kids’ image and music. After reading descriptions such as “bubble-gum pop, horrid fluff, abysmal doo-wop flop” and “treacly ballads,” I was astonished to find you left out “decent, respectable and moral.” The New Kids’ drug-free, alcohol-free image is great for setting examples for kids, and you will never find any sex, violence or foul language in their music. You failed to see what the New Kids are all about.

Tracy Harshman

Ruffsdale, Pa.

What is it about this group that the critics can’t stand? Is it their positive attitude toward life? As a parent of three children, I just had the privilege of attending one of their concerts with my daughter, and I came away very impressed. I guess being good kids singing ballads and loving life is out. Maybe if they showed up at an award ceremony dead drunk, tripping up stairs and screaming into a microphone, they would be more accepted.

Kathy Rubin

Davenport, Iowa

David Hiltbrand must be an old deadhead. Why PEOPLE would pick an old man to review an album that is going to be bought by teenage girls is beyond me. Every song is fantastic, and if David Hiltbrand disagrees, he should be reviewing polkas or whatever music he likes.

LeAnn Grabowski

Warner Robins, Ga.

The New Kids are going to be hangin’ tough for a long time, pal, so buy a set of earplugs if you don’t like it. I’m sure they’re making a lot more money than you are.

Kristy Nied

Libertyville, Ill.

David Hiltbrand is 36 years old, despises polkas and confirms that in the matter of earnings, the New Kids enjoy a slight edge.


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