By People Staff
July 30, 1990 12:00 PM

News of the making of Donald Trump’s financial quagmire (PEOPLE, July 9) did not stir sympathy in the hearts of most readers, though the troubled billionaire clearly has more defenders than police officer Edwin Hill, whose pit bulls are believed responsible for the death of Memphis schoolteacher Betty Lou Stidham.


Poor Donald Trump! As long as there was a Trump aura, his friends and employees shared his wealth, fame and power. Now that his ship is sinking, they are deserting like rats, standing in line to tell or sell their stories. And Trump? He’s learning that bought loyalty always goes to the highest bidder.

Hazel O. Edwards


Your treatment of Donald Trump was ruthless and cruel. The news media certainly know how to kick a man when he’s down. Come on, Donald. Don’t believe what you read. Many people in America are rooting for you. We know you can make it to the top again.

Nancy McHolme


So Donald Trump cared so little about the concerns of the future neighbors of his Trump City complex because they had no power. I, along with most Americans, hold little pity for that egomaniacal jackal and will relish watching him squirm his way into obscurity and financial ruin.

Edward J. Vaira

Spring Valley, N.Y.

Trump should take the $1 million in cash on your cover and run to the nearest headshrink. His swelled head is bigger than Dick Tracy’s Little Face.

C. Freud

Cardiff-by-the-Sea, Calif.

I find your story to be an insensitive display of irresponsible reporting about a man who has dispatched his private plane to carry young children across the country to get medical attention and who is never more than a phone call away from those in urgent need in life-threatening situations. I can only wish Mr. Trump well. If anybody is betting that Donald Trump will be folding his hand, don’t count your money before the game is over. From what I know of Mr. Trump, this game is hardly over.

Lionel Hampton

New York City

So the banks are calling in their markers? If they didn’t think they would be making money with all those big deals, Trump wouldn’t have received a penny. Weep no tears for any of them—no one is going to the poorhouse.

Phyllis Lorbeer

Chatsworth, Calif.

It is ironic that the British are moving to curb their tabloids’ intrusion into the personal lives of its citizens, while in the U.S. it’s escalating to the “anything goes” mentality. By giving a platform to disgruntled former business associates and maids, PEOPLE has let itself become a vehicle for those individuals who have a personal vendetta against Donald Trump, and that is an outrage. Where are the voices of all the friends, business associates and fans of Donald Trump? At least Dan Sullivan and Reidun Torrie had the nerve to publicly make fools of themselves. I’m sure everyone is rushing to hire them. Since when has it become un-American to be fair to anyone—especially Donald Trump?

Chuck Jones

New York City

Mr. Jones is Marla Maples’s press agent.—ED.


What kind of person keeps two dogs that attacked his own mother, dragged her from room to room, and inflicted multiple bite wounds on her? On top of that, the dogs get loose and kill an elderly neighbor. Police officer Edwin Hill should be charged with negligent homicide and, if convicted, sent to prison for a good long time.

Robert Anaphalis

Missoula, Mont.

Pit bull owners never cease to amaze me with their ignorance of the potential dangers of owning these animals. They always say that the dogs are given a “bad rap.” Only when a dog maims or kills someone do these owners find themselves tragically enlightened.

Sharon Wentzell

Plymouth, Mass.

While I admit that pit bulls can be vicious—as can any breed if improperly treated—doesn’t it say something when an owner keeps dogs that mauled his own mother? I found an 8-month-old female pit bull on a street 2½ years ago and she has proven herself to be a loyal, friendly dog. Just as I do not tolerate blanket racism, I cannot sit back and read yet another article condemning pit bulls. They are not all killers.

Name Withheld


I read with anger and disgust the article on Larry Kramer. I had a sister die from Lou Gehrig’s disease and two sisters die from cancer. I still hurt a great deal about this, but I don’t blame the government, nor do I blame God. Mr. Kramer has only himself and his promiscuity to blame for this.

Annette Fisher

Marion, Ohio