November 05, 1990 12:00 PM

Despite the fact that NFL policy supports her, sportswriter Lisa Olson’s travails with the New England Patriots (PEOPLE, Oct. 15) brought her little sympathy from the majority of correspondents, male and female, who believe that wherever a woman’s place is, it is not in a football team’s locker room.


The tragedy in life is not that we all must die but that we all must leave someone behind. My heart goes out to Princess Caroline because of the loss of her husband.

Catherine D’Agostino

Stamford, Conn.

Your lack of taste and your disrespect for Princess Caroline and her family on the cover made me uncomfortable. Shame on you for depicting her as a sex kitten at a time of great loss. I’m sure you could have found a more appropriate photo.

Margaret Azoo


The only thing I find “tragic” about Princess Caroline’s husband’s death is that he put the thrill of speedboat racing above his now fatherless children and widowed wife. As for the royal family being plagued with death, two deaths in one family in eight years is not bad. Why is it that the rich and famous seem to grieve more, and why are their losses more significant than ours?




Isn’t it amazing that the Catholic Church has survived for 2,000 years without people like James Carroll. Why should the Vatican change its position on abortion, homosexuality and birth control? These are not political issues, but moral issues. If Carroll loved his church, he would respect it and leave peacefully.

Maureen Gribben

Tulsa, Okla.

I literally cried for joy when I read the interview with James Carroll. My husband and I are practicing Roman Catholics who use birth control and support abortion rights. These issues, and those having to do with women becoming priests and priests being permitted to marry, all relate to the Church’s philosophy concerning women. We are still second-class citizens in the eyes of the Church, and until we stand up for our rights, the Church will not change. All my life my mother has said that if Catholic women stopped putting money in the collection plate, the Church would be forced to listen to our cries. We have the Church by the purse strings, so let’s pull.


Mobile, Ala.


I am outraged by the double standards imposed on men by “progressive” women, epitomized by yet another hypocritical feminist cry of “premeditated mind rape” by Lisa Olson. If she wants to be treated as a professional, she should act like one by having the common courtesy of allowing athletes the privacy to shower without being hounded for news scoops that could wait five minutes. I wonder how 50 women athletes would react to a male reporter in their locker room after a sporting event?

Keith A. Mason

Fremont, Calif.

While I do not condone sexual harassment, Lisa Olson reacted badly to a situation she should have been prepared to encounter. She chose a profession she knew would take her into locker rooms full of emotionally charged naked men. If she can’t handle the adversities any better than this, she should find herself another job.

Jean M. Rowell

Jayess, Miss.

Sorry, Lisa, no sympathy from me. Quite frankly, I think that no one should be allowed in the locker room after a game, but you knew the rules when you started the game. If you want to play with the big boys, you gotta play by their rules.

Sue A. Winn

Warren, Mich.

This is not an equal-rights issue, it’s a moral issue. It is not right for a woman to be in a men’s locker room or for a man to be in a women’s locker room. The NFL should allow no reporters into locker rooms until all players have showered and dressed.

Nikki Williams

Arcadia, Calif.

As far as I’m concerned, women sports reporters are in the business because they are essentially voyeurs who realize that this a superb way to see some prime beefcake.

Don Yarroll

Glen Ellyn, Ill.

Hurrah for Lisa Olson! No journalist, male or female, should have to put up with such obscene behavior as that shown by the Patriots. This is America, and if a female wants to walk into a locker room to do her job, all she should get is respect-not childish behavior.

Marin Payton

Tallahassee, Fla.

Mind rape, date rape, any name you give it, it’s all the same. Men’s fears and insecurities and how they deal with them are given total license by a society that says that women like Lisa Olson deserve what they get by going where they have no right or in dressing “provocatively.”

Mary Ann Ragoza


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