February 05, 1990 12:00 PM

Donny Osmond’s new image may have cost him his innocence, but it obviously hasn’t hurt him with his fans. According to our readers, Osmond’s metamorphosis into a grown-up rocker was a long time coming, but worth the wait. As for our cover story, readers wondered how Pat Sajak, who is divorced, managed to get married in the Catholic church, and one bottom-line-conscious correspondent wanted to know how much PEOPLE paid for its exclusive coverage of the wedding. That one’s easy: The Sajaks invited us to cover the ceremony the old-fashioned way—free of charge.


Thank you so much! I wish I could send you some homemade pies for putting Pat Sajak and his beautiful bride on your cover. I watch his show every night. As a divorced mother of three, someone is finally on TV that I can relate to, and no more Johnny Carson, David Letterman or movie reruns.

Regina Anglemyer

Buchanan, Mich.

Your article states that Pat Sajak was married in a 19th-century Catholic church in a ceremony performed by a priest. You also say Sajak is divorced with an adopted son. The Catholic church does not marry divorced Catholics. You don’t mention an annulment of his first marriage. Does Pat have connections? Is there a gap in your reporting? Your audience would love to know.

L. Curr

South Norwalk, Conn.

Sajak’s first marriage was performed in a non-Catholic ceremony not sanctioned by the church. He was granted an annulment to clear the way for his second.



The public should give Donny Osmond a break! Today’s music world needs more people like him. Step back and take a look at some of the performers kids idolize today. Some are into drugs and alcohol, some go as far as permitted to promote sex, and some leave their wives for their backup singers. I know it’s the ’90s and times are different, but staying happily married and being a devoted father is what the world needs more of. I think some segments of the music world could take some morality lessons from the Donny Osmonds out there.

Belinda S. Slaven

Louisville, Ky.

Donny Osmond reformed? No, no, no—it must be a typographical error. Perhaps remarkable, refreshed, refined, refurbished, relaxed, relentless, reliable, religious, renewed, respected, restored, revised or revived—but not reformed. At a recent concert, the rows surrounding the stage were full of 16-year-olds, thirtysomethings, punkers, rockers and skins of all colors. No I don’t think Donny has reformed. He has just finally gotten around to reforming everyone else.

Lynn Leone

Mount Clemens, Mich.

Donny Osmond sexy? What a joke! The man could not be sexy if he ran around the stage naked. No matter what Mr. Osmond sings, does or says, he will always remain a weenie.

Jody L. Mason

Tewksbury, Mass.


I am so fed up with your two sorry excuses for music critics, David Hiltbrand and Ralph Novak, panning the solo works of my favorite band, Genesis. Tony Banks, Phil Collins and Mike Rutherford are musical geniuses, and their albums are brilliant. Yet each and every one of their latest offerings have been panned by these jerks. Next time a member of Genesis puts out an album, I suggest that you get someone else to review it.

Alan Gaylow

Corte Madera, Calif.


I applaud the new Romanian government for taking action on the Ceaucescus. Now if only America had the guts to put our own criminals in front of a firing squad, I’m sure we could walk our dogs at night without having to carry a gun.

Gail Anderson

Watsonville, Calif.


I was angered by Aleta J. Kennedy’s “sadness” over the accusations of Pan Am’s inexcusable treatment of the families involved in the Lockerbie disaster. Having been through Pan Am’s “compassionate support and assistance” after losing my parents and five other family members in the July 9, 1982, crash of Flight 759 in Kenner, La., I don’t doubt any of the Flight 103 complaints. Pan Am’s treatment of us was without care for our pain and grief—their main concern was about any legal action that would be taken. I pray that Aleta Kennedy never goes through an ordeal such as ours.

Nicki Seguin

Port Allen, La.

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