January 15, 1990 12:00 PM

Some readers think Sean Connery is too old to have been chosen 1989’s Sexiest Man Alive (PEOPLE, Dec. 18). Others, angrier and more numerous, believe that no one with his “sexist” attitudes could possibly qualify for the title. Among those proposed as alternatives were Kevin Costner, Jeff Bridges, Ken Wahl and that hardy perennial Mel Gibson, our first Sexiest Man, in 1985.


Sexiest man alive!!?!! Obviously you people missed the Barbara Walters interview with Sean Connery when he explained how it’s sometimes right to hit a woman when she gets out of line. He’s no man. He’s a bully.

Celeste-Mari Koukos

Upper Darby, Pa.

Shame on you for choosing Sean Connery as the Sexiest Man Alive. Mr. Connery has admitted that he approves of slapping women. That is one characteristic that I find anything but sexy! I nominate Sean Connery as the “Sexist Man Alive.”

Laurie Gilbert

Lakewood, Colo.

Sexiest man alive? Try most dangerous.

Amy Gajda

Ann Arbor, Mich.

To select a man who admits that he thinks it’s okay to slap women is shocking! Particularly so because PEOPLE, through its coverage of domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault and incest, has done so much over the years to positively impact upon society’s tolerance of abusive behavior.

Gina Plotino

Director, Alternatives to Domestic Violence

Hackensack, N.J.

Sean Connery: Bald, gray and wrinkled. I would like to see a woman described that way make the cover of your magazine and be called sexy. As always, it’s a man’s world!

Jeanne Perkin Bordow

Yonkers, N.Y.

Back in the 1960s, when I had teenage crushes on the Beatles and Dr. Kildare, my mother thought that the new James Bond, Sean Connery, was the sexiest man alive. I thought she was nuts. Today, as I approach 40 and my mother turns 70, I’ve realized that this is just another thing she was right about.

Judy Hoffman

Columbus, Ohio

Sean Connery has an enduring charm that transcends generational barriers. It’s a pity runner-up Richard Grieco failed to grow up in time for the finals.

Elina Bello



As a seven-year flight attendant and mother of a 4-year-old son, I was touched by Vicky Cummock’s story. Every time I board a plane, I subconsciously ask, “Will this be the time the engines fail or some madman manages to board with a weapon?” Airport security often employs low-paid workers for a job protecting million-dollar airplanes and priceless human beings. For myself and others who fly for a living, I thank Vicky Cummock for her crusade. I wish, as she does, that it had been in time to stop the destruction of Flight 103.

Elisabeth Brooks

Louisville, Ky.

It saddens me tremendously to read the published accusations of Pan Am’s uncaring and shoddy treatment of families involved in the Flight 103 disaster. Working both in London and Lockerbie, I was one of many Pan Am employees involved in efforts to assist the relatives of the deceased. Most of the flight crew were friends I had worked with during my 11 years at the London base. Some employees put in full days at their offices and then came to the London hotel [where Pan Am had set up a command center] to assist with families or answer phones all night long. Other employees traveled long distances to help. Perhaps we were not able to meet the expectations and requests of every single relative, yet I know that we did provide a great deal of compassionate support and assistance.

Aleta J. Kennedy

Pleasanton, Calif.


Poor Redd Foxx. He makes only $15,000 to $20,000 per week in Vegas and $500,000 for Harlem Nights. It’s awful that the IRS actually expected to get reimbursed the $755,166.21 he owes in back taxes. Grow up and quit whining, Mr. Foxx. Eventually everyone has to pay their taxes—even Leona Helmsley.

Vicki Guillot

Janice Mangipano New Orleans


Concerning what Bob Mackie has to say about “boondock” women: I live in a small town and I think a woman should dress for comfort. After all, we don’t have fancy cocktail parties to run off to, or the fancy dollars it takes to dress as Mr. Mackie thinks we should. I take excellent care of myself and I still wear sweats! Unless you’re willing to spring for a new wardrobe, Bob, mind your business.

Pat Lopez

Petaluma, Calif.

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