April 23, 1990 12:00 PM

Sorry, Marilyn and Dan Quayle, but buying wholesale and cutting your kids’ hair don’t persuade some of our readers you’re regular folks (PEOPLE, April 2). Others, though, think the two of you are entitled to a break from those nattering nabobs, the media.


So some people think Madonna is just “letting her aging boy toy think he still has it.” Anyone who saw the recent Barbara Walters Special knows that Warren Beatty still has it. He is charming, intelligent, gorgeous and incredibly sexy. And while he could use a new hit movie, Beatty doesn’t need Madonna to keep him in the public eye.

Julie Swain

San Diego

Personally, I think Madonna looks better with Sandra Bernhard.

Channing T. Griffith

Fairmont, W. Va.


Thank you for the very first objective article on a much maligned man, Dan Quayle. No one deserves the negative press that he has received. I have been frustrated for the last year and a half looking for the reason he is ridiculed so much. The only reason I can come up with is that the press loves to bully.

Cathy Christian

Billings, Mont.

Dan Quayle is an heir to the $600 million Pulliam newspaper fortune. He lives in the 33-room vice presidential residence. He earns $125,000 a year and receives an annual allowance of $183,000 for maintaining the house and $75,000 for entertainment. So why can’t the Quayles afford to take their children to real barbers, instead of having Marilyn cut their hair? Why must the family buy many of its personal items, like soap and shampoo, at a wholesale warehouse? Why must their daughter wear hand-me-downs? There is a difference between being frugal and cheap. The Quayles clearly cross the line.

Richard Prosk

South Holland, Ill.


Eddie Edwards murdered Demetria Taylor. It was premeditated and witnessed by others. Todd Broom did something about it. He saved the Texas taxpayers the cost of a trial and the incarceration of a man who deserved what he got.

Geri Ringenberg

Rushville, Ill.

Three cheers to Todd Broom for having the guts to do what he did. If it turns out he has to go court for this, it would surely be a travesty of justice. Let’s give him a medal.

Harland D. Howe

Fryeburg, Maine

A hero? Give me a break! What Todd Broom did was not only unjustifiable, it was irresponsible. Eddie Edwards should have been punished by the law, not a pistol-poppin’ gun collector. Wake up, Texas!

Bonnie Jones

Rancho Cordova, Calif.

In your article about Todd Broom gunning down a killer, you referred to Eddie Edwards as a “41-year-old black man”; however, you did not call Mr. Broom a “25-year-old white man.” Why the specific reference to Edwards’s color? It doesn’t appear to me that the race of the people in this story is particularly important except in a demeaning way, inasmuch as the culprit happened to be black.

William H. Heck

Dauphin, Pa.


I was offended by Ralph Novak’s review of the movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The movie showed how the turtles really act and feel. It is true to the comicbook version of the TMNT, not the silly, unrealistic cartoon version. Raphael really has a mean streak, and the real turtles don’t say “cowabunga” and “dude” in every other sentence. I suggest Mr. Novak read the comic book and then maybe he will see the turtles as they really are—goofy characters in a violent situation, not one-dimensional celluloid rip-offs.

Eric Evers

Pleasant Hill, Calif.

If Tony Bennett thinks anyone can sing any love song better than Andy Williams, he needs a hearing aid. Andy wasn’t even on Bennett’s list of his favorite love songs and singers. Shame on you, Tony.

Ruth Solomon

Highland Park, N.J.


Your recent article about Mrs. Bush in PEOPLE Extra: The Dazzling ’90s contained two points that should be clarified. The beauty parlor at the White House is not “Nancy Reagan’s former beauty parlor.” It was installed during the Nixon Administration and used by all succeeding First Ladies. “Nancy Reagan’s private gymnasium” was merely a few pieces of exercise equipment in what had been a bedroom in the family quarters. The equipment was an important part of President Reagan’s recovery therapy after he was shot in 1981, recommended by his doctors, and was left in Washington as a gift to the White House. Mrs. Reagan has a great regard for Mrs. Bush, but does not believe comparisons serve a useful purpose.

Mark D. Weinberg

Director of Public Affairs

The Nancy Reagan Foundation

Los Angeles

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