March 19, 1990 12:00 PM

Like Humpty Dumpty, future divorcé Donald Trump has taken a great fall in the eyes of our readers, and it may take more than all the king’s public relations specialists to put his reputation together again. His explanation that he and wife Ivana simply grew apart just didn’t wash with our correspondents, and most agreed Ivana should hold out for a bigger stake before sending The Donald packing.


If Donald Trump leaves his elegant wife, Ivana, and their three children for the tacky Maria (“Charge it to Donald”) Maples, he won’t have to worry about the title of his next book. The Art of the Heel will do just fine.

Harlene C. Morrow

Austin, Texas

What kind of monsters have we become that we gloat and celebrate the divorce of two people? The Trump family needs our support through this difficult time. There might even be a chance that they may change their minds after counseling. And remember the agony the children must be going through. No amount of money is going to help them through this. It is sad.

Truus Leader

Napoleon, Ohio

There once was a Donald named Trump

Who made a decision to dump

His good wife, Ivana,

To play the Don Juan—ah,

The Donald was rather a chump!

Do take this advice, darling lass:

Trade The Donald for someone with class.

Don’t linger in limbo

While he chases bimbos.

Entre nous, dear, he’s always been crass.

Too many nights you’ve lain unsleeping

Worried about company The Donald was keeping.

He left wife and kids

At the whim of his Id.

The SOB isn’t worth keeping.

Kathleen W. Mangiapane

Ledyard, Conn.

Ivana Trump is noted for working 12 hours a day, attending charity banquets at night and being in the limelight. I know three worthy causes who would love to have her attention—her children. If she spent half the time with them she spends with her hairdresser, manicurist and plastic surgeon, she might realize there are more important things in life than casinos, yachts and Women’s Wear Daily.

Twyla Teitzel

Pleasanton, Calif.

To The Donald it’s obvious that as a woman matures, her assets decline (despite renovations). So he, fearing loss of interest, has bailed out in favor of one whose principle is questionable. Watch out, Don, you’ll end up with a junk blond.

Gloria Tregilgus

Lawton, Okla.

It was inevitable—The Trump Tramp.

W. Pierce Burgess

Franklin, N.H.

In my opinion, Ivana is well rid of the fat-necked, bird-mouthed Donald. For all the money the guy has, you’d think he could spend a little on an eyebrow comb.

Jean Nottestad

Rockland, Wis.

I find it totally ludicrous that your cover pictures Ivana and Donald Trump. Who cares about their divorce or their millions? What about Nelson Mandela? Now, there’s a man who spent 27 years in prison for the cause of freedom and should have been your cover story.

Stacey Citrin

Coral Springs, Fla.


Still reeling from the shock of Jane Pauley’s departure from Today, I halfheartedly began watching This Morning on CBS. After six weeks, I’d become quite comfortable with the team of Harry Smith and Kathleen Sullivan—only to tune in last Friday for Sullivan’s farewell. Well, I for one have had it with morning network news shows. I’m installing cable in my kitchen and defecting to CNN.

Myrtle J. Phillips

Casper, Wyo.


I don’t believe the garbage that is being printed about Father Ritter. The charges against him come from an assortment of emotionally disturbed individuals and social misfits. What a terrible loss if we allow these allegations to destroy a true American hero. To show my support for Father Ritter and Covenant House, I am doubling my usual monthly contribution.

Ellen W. Lofland



Mitchell Fink, you don’t even live up to your name. Do you think if I “couldn’t stand” Matt Dillon that I would have made three—not two, as you reported—films with him? They were The Outsiders, The Big Town and Rumble Fish. I find this kind of smear regarding Matt and myself disgraceful. Matt’s a great guy, and I’d stand up for him any day. As for a fourth movie, it was never offered to me. Matt, if you should read this, kisses, break a leg on your new film, and forgive them, they know not what they write.

Diane Lane

Los Angeles

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