July 31, 1989 12:00 PM


Sandra Jennings, do you really think you are the only unmarried mother who has been jilted by your child’s father (PEOPLE, July 10)? Spiritual marriage—hogwash. Either you have a marriage license or not. I think you should stop worrying about getting half of William Hurt’s money and worry about giving Alex the love and attention he needs.

Jack V. Mills

Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

Some advice to Sandra Jennings on her need for “financial security”: Get a job like the rest pf us.

Ramani Durvasula

New York City


As a life member of the NRA and a father of two sons, I wholeheartedly support the Florida law to make parents responsible for the misuse of their firearms. Any person who chooses to exercise his right to own a firearm must also acknowledge the responsibility to store it in such a way that these tragedies will not happen. Firearms have a rightful place in our free society, but it is not in the hands of our children.

Paul Ladwig

San Gabriel, Calif.

Guns are tolerable only when in the hands of law enforcement officers, when they are effective deterrents to crime. Otherwise, their only purpose is killing; their inevitable result, death. I wonder at the mentality of a nation that fights so hard to be allowed to keep its killing toys. I wonder what kind of future it can have. And I wonder why it doesn’t care what the rest of the world thinks of it.

Louise Aird

West Vancouver, B.C.


To people who have some experience in the realities Spike Lee is showing to an uncomprehending media, the reaction to his movies is ironic. The media are part of what his movies are about, and they don’t even know it. They talk about everything but the central point, which is that the lives of poor people—and especially black poor people—are less important in America than property. Of course Lee is “exasperated”; he’s fighting systematic wrongs so obvious that only the victims are able to see them.

Larry D. Doores

Granby, Mass.

Upon reading your article about Spike Lee, I have gained a new hero. Spike’s courage and his raw truth about racial relations could make him a great new leader in civil rights. What is with this country? God made us different colors to test us and see if we are smart enough to see through the skin. Obviously we are not. All the critics who are saying that Do the Right Thing advocates violence need to come out of the movie house and see the real world.

Jennifer Woodard



How ironic that a high school dropout, an unemployed communist who mooches off his friends, hates America’s wealth. Joey Johnson sounds jealous of those who stuck it out in school, work hard and try to make something of themselves. Get a job, Johnson. Grow up. The ’60s were two decades ago, and your 15 minutes of fame has lasted 14 minutes too long.

Carolynn Munn Pianta

Old Saybrook, Conn.

I respect any individual’s right to freedom of speech, but I believe that burning our flag should not fall under the umbrella of our Constitution. Anyone, including Gregory Johnson, who would burn our flag as a symbol of contempt for our country should be treated for what he is—a traitor. If Gregory Johnson despises this free country so much, why doesn’t he exercise his freedom and leave?

B. Barmore

Thomson, Ga.

Thank you, Joey, for getting our patriotic juices stirred up. When more people stand up for our flag at the next parade and more hands are placed over hearts before the next ball game, you will know you did it. I can’t recall a Fourth of July celebration in years that has had such a show of flags. It was simply wonderful. But this sweet little old grandmother would really like to punch out your lights anyhow.

Pat Herriott-Voege

Glendale, Calif.

A friend of mine has a great suggestion: Trade Joey Johnson to China for the students who laid their lives on the line for freedom and democracy in Tiananmen Square. We get students who value what freedom means and are willing to die for it, and the Chinese Communists get Johnson. The best part is the fun we’ll all have watching what happens the first time he tries to burn the Chinese flag.

Carrie Brennen

Belgrade, Mont.


The article about the twin baby boys who appeared in Ghostbusters II is charming. William and Henry John Deutschendorf II are cute, but why no mention of Henry John Deutschendorf Jr., who must be their uncle? Most people know him as John Denver.

Nancy Elizabeth Wilson

Wakefield, R.I.

Denver is indeed the Deutschendorf twins’ Uncle John.—ED.

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