July 24, 1989 12:00 PM


Your article about Ruthie and Verena Cady was truly heartwarming (PEOPLE, July 3). Ruthie and Verena are a wonderful example of the joy of twinship. They are like all twins—whether physically joined or not, we share the same heart.

Angie and Gigi Whitlow

Snellville, Ga.

When I saw the cover of your issue, my first thought was, ‘Thank God I don’t have to deal with something like that.” However, after reading the article on these two beautiful children, I’m seeing things in a different light. When I first learned we were having twins, that was all I could think about: conjoined. What would we do? I now understand that you deal with it, love them all the same and are blessed to have two, be they conjoined or not. I want to thank Mrs. Cady for sharing her children and her story with us. Sometimes we forget how important children are in our lives and think of them more as a burden than as the joyous miracle that they really are.

Brenda Grandahl

Oakdale, Minn.

What beautiful children Ruthie and Verena Cady are. I believe fate blesses such special children with equally special parents. Marlene and Peter Cady have obviously raised three (including sister Maria) emotionally healthy, happy daughters. How fortunate for Verena and Ruthie that their parents have the wisdom and courage to allow these remarkable girls to be all they can be.

Peggy J. Smith

La Porte, Texas


If we had more judges in this country like Ellen Morphonios, our crime rate would drop dramatically. She is wonderful. I’m sure glad I’m a law-abiding citizen.

Leslie DeRose

Watsonville, Calif.

Judge Morphonios sounds like one heck of a good egg, but I feel she’s a disgrace to the robe. She talks like a truck driver, shows no class and comes across as totally uneducated (although that is not the case). I find it very hard to “show respect” to her. A judge should be above reproach.

Donna MacKay

Littleton, N.H.


As I read the article about Mother’s Camp, I was sitting in a parking lot waiting for baseball practice to end. Then it was off to the supermarket, another son’s practice, home to switch laundry, a run to church, another to baby-sitting and then another trip to pick everyone up. All of this in one morning. Where was my husband? In Canada with “the boys” fishing because he “needed a break.” Please send me an application to Mother’s Camp. Better yet, I’ll be there in person to fill it out.

Kate Lee

Hamburg, N.Y.


It is incredible to me that a vindictive, obviously bitter judge can imprison one person, much less possibly two, who have committed no crimes. Robert Morgan and his sister Elizabeth are trying to protect a child from an allegedly abusive father. This protection is the job Judge Dixon is charged to do, has sworn to do, but refuses to do. Incidents like this involving incompetent judges have eroded the confidence of the American people in our justice system. Obviously there is no justice for Elizabeth Morgan. Judge Dixon should be removed from the bench immediately and never allowed to hold such a position again. The public needs to be protected from people like him.

Lyn Brown

New Braunfels, Texas

I applaud Robert Morgan’s courage as he faces a dilemma that will affect the rest of his life. His and Elizabeth’s unconditional love for Hilary is a shining star in the midst of a black hole—the judicial system. As an idealistic college student, I cannot comprehend how our judicial system can rest on its laurels and let Dr. Morgan and her family suffer so. Is this a sign of the times? For future parents and their children, I certainly hope not.

Siobhan N. Kelly

Roslyn, Pa.

I have read with great frustration the articles about Elizabeth Morgan. Please tell us what we can do to help. Is there anyone we could bombard with mail, petitions, whatever to bring justice to this deplorable situation?

Patricia J. Griffin

East Stroudsburg, Pa.

Many readers responding to our stories on the Morgan case have made the same request. Letters may be sent to: Friends of Elizabeth Morgan, P.O. Box 2724, Merrifield, Va. 22116—ED.


I was really miffed by the letter from Virginia Wallace regarding what she called a “vulgar display of wealth” at the Burke-McRaney wedding. We too gave an extravagant wedding for our daughter, and by doing so, seamstresses, waiters, caterers, florists, etc., all were able to feed their families through their hard work and our funds. I would rather give my money to hardworking people than to those just lying around waiting for handouts. We certainly do, however, give to many worthy causes as I’m sure does Delta Burke.

Susan Patterson

San Marino, Calif.

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