By People Staff
December 04, 1989 12:00 PM

The majority of readers reacting to our Nov. 13 cover on Jane Pauley’s departure from the Today show vowed that they would take revenge by switching channels to the competition. Many of you had your own suggestion for improving Today: Give host Bryant Gumbel his walking papers.

Other letters received this week expressed horror and outrage at the shooting in Boston of Carol and Charles Stuart. Almost all criticized Louis Elisa of the NAACP for trying to turn the community’s reaction to the crime into an issue of race.


For years I have enjoyed Jane Pauley on the Today show. She has combined intelligence with an early-morning easiness. I hope she is truly happy with the recent changes in the Today cast and that this is not simply the “company line” to reduce negative reactions from NBC viewers. Be that as it may, when Jane leaves Today, my channel selector will be switched to CNN. I have no desire to wake up each morning to the “Bimbo and Ego” show.

Rebecca M. Kirk

Abbeville, La.

Jane Pauley kiss Today good-bye? Better yet, keep Jane, bring in Deborah Norville and kiss that arrogant sourpuss Bryant Gumbel good-bye! If NBC and Dick Ebersol did that, I would watch Today and kiss Good Morning America good-bye.

Cynthia Nagel

Cameron Park, Calif.

I stopped watching the Today show when John Palmer was replaced. The question in your poll should be, “Do you think John Palmer was treated fairly by NBC?”

Laura Turner

Christiansburg, Va.


It was with great distress that we learned that the article in PEOPLE about our life with our autistic son, Ned, may unintentionally be harming the cause of autistic children and their families by giving an incomplete picture of the service provided by UCLA’s Neuropsychiatric Institute. In relating the story of a negative experience we had at NPI many years ago, we neglected to mention that attitudes throughout the profession have changed in the intervening years and NPI has been in the vanguard of that change. We take great pains in our book, Mixed Blessings, to credit Drs. Edward Ritvo and B.J. Freeman of NPI whose combined efforts led to Ned’s ultimate success in residential placement. They and many others at NPI are among the best friends the autistic population has. In attempting to tell in a few pages a story that we tell in a whole book, there are naturally many omissions.

William and Barbara Christopher

Pasadena, Calif.


I just finished reading your article about the brutal shooting of Charles and Carol Stuart and became so angry that I just had to write. Do you know what really makes me so upset? When I first heard about the terrible tragedy that befell the Stuarts I was shocked, saddened and repulsed. I didn’t know if the couple or the gunman were black or white and I didn’t care. It is a damn shame that some people do. Don’t belittle this crime by trying to compare it with others, Mr. Elisa. Stop making a racial competition between crimes. This is not a racial tragedy, it’s a human one.

Noelle A. Thompson

Wichita, Kans.

I am a black woman who, having read your story on the Stuarts, feels grief, rage and shame. Grief for the couple and their family, rage over the senseless brutalities in our cities, and shame because in the face of such a tragedy, some people of my color feel compelled to make the issue one of race, all the while pointing their fingers. I say to you, my brothers and sisters, we must care. We must value the white lives as our own and allow ourselves to see victims as people first. We’re all members of the human race before we are black, or yellow or red—or white.

C. Adell Jordan

Bloomington, Ind.


Where can I write to Chuck Jones? I’ve been a Bugs Bunny fan for 35 years and always wanted to say thanks! I waited too long to say thanks to Mel Blanc, so I don’t want to make the same mistake twice.

Lucia A. Reilly

Deltona, Fla.

Letters may be sent to: Chuck Jones, P.O. Box 2319, Costa Mesa, Calif. 92627—ED.