By People Staff
July 10, 1989 12:00 PM


Congratulations to Lisa Marie and her husband, Danny (PEOPLE, June 19). However, on what should have been one of the happiest days of her life, couldn’t Lisa Marie have managed more of a smile than that sneer?

Kathleen Schiller

Hyde Park, N.Y.

Why must Lisa Marie Presley’s desire for privacy be associated with the so-called secrecy of the Church of Scientology? For many years I have been using what I’ve learned from Scientology, and I have found the church to be very open. I don’t want to speak for Lisa Marie, but possibly her secrecy is just a simple desire to live a normal life.

Cindy Warren

Long Beach, Calif.


I still remember, as a college student some 22 years ago, when a cousin turned me on to Cream. No rock band that ever existed could come close to the musical synergism created by Ginger Baker, Eric Clapton and Jack Bruce. I was surprised to learn that he wasn’t a speed freak. Back in those days, everyone assumed Baker was on speed. How else could one human being make one drum kit sound like three?

Marjorie Harcrow

Van Buren, Ark.


Although we appreciate the article on Steve Verret, his “steady,” Dr. Lisa Lomond, has been a successful veterinarian in California for three years. She is not a “veterinary student.” We (her family) sweated with her through seven years of strenuous education. Please print this so that her clients aren’t scared away.

The Lomond Family

Golden, Colo.

We regret the error.—ED.


Please know that not all of us who knew the Leary-Heilbrunn clan were as naive as you described. As a neighbor for over 20 years, I can speak firsthand. We on “tree-lined West 77th Street” knew what was going on but were powerless to do anything. I cannot safely put my name on this letter. When you used the word “chilling” to describe Paul Heilbrunn’s actions, you chose correctly.




Although I wish Bill Wyman and Mandy Smith all the luck in the world, I can’t help but wonder what kind of mother would let her 13-year-old date a man in his 40s—Rolling Stone or not. I also can’t help wondering what sort of man in his 40s would date a 13-year-old.

E. Rogers

Austin, Texas


Thanks for finally putting New Kids on the Block in PEOPLE. But I have one question: Why are the hottest, cutest guys in music today in Lookout? Three years ago they were “up and coming,” now they have a No. 1 single and are definitely way up there. Get with it.

Kerry Hendel

West Chester, Ohio