By People Staff
October 09, 1989 12:00 PM


The individuals who are now coming forward to testify against the Bakkers—where were they when these excesses were occurring (PEOPLE, Sept. 18)? Why did they not confront a Christian brother privately at the time and correct the situation? Slander also dirties the hands of the mudslingers. I greatly benefited from the few dollars I sent to the Bakkers. It was worth it. Thanks, Jim and Tammy Faye.

Violet Miller

North Fort Myers, Fla.

During the very lean farm-crisis years, I was one of those suckers who scraped up $15 a month to “save” PTL. I faithfully funded this “ministry,” while giving up my luxuries for over a year. I have the greatest contempt for these weasels (who must have had contempt for poor saps like myself) who dished up pathetic lies once a month in the name of God.

Peggy Hoskins

Richland, Iowa

I was having a horrible nightmare in which my old TV hero, Howdy Doody, turned dishonest, greedy and sexually perverted. To my further dismay, Clara-belle the clown kept coming to his defense, saying he’d done nothing wrong. Then I realized it wasn’t a dream—it was The Jim and Tammy Show.

Alice Morgan

Federalsburg, Md.

Glory, glory, think of it!

It’s time they got that hypocrite.

They should get him for all he’s liable.

No more hiding behind the Bible.

To think it all started when he dropped his pants.

And now he’s haunted by giant ants.

Now Tammy sings a tearful song.

They got her man, they done him wrong.

They seem to be so sad and blue With no more people left to screw.

The crowds have left, the money’s gone.

We must thank you, dear Miss Hahn.

So send Tammy off to Betty Ford,

And handcuff Jimmy, praise the Lord!

John Jones

Michelle Peterson

Denton, Texas


I read with fascination the story of Pat Bradley. Ten years ago I experienced numbing fatigue, weight loss, dry skin and rapid heartbeat. During the next eight years the symptoms came and went, but doctors were unable to diagnose anything. I was repeatedly told to go on a holiday, stop working so hard and take Valium (which I declined to do). I was hospitalized twice and told the symptoms would go away. Finally my sister-in-law dragged me to yet another doctor. He diagnosed Graves’ disease immediately. It has been two years since I began treatment, and the symptoms have gradually disappeared. The most difficult part of coping with this disease was convincing someone—anyone—that I was really ill. When the doctor told me I had Graves’ disease, I said, “Thank God. I thought I was insane.”

Brenda Fingler

Rocky Mountain House, Alta.


Thank God that people like Lawrence Guyot were on the front lines of the civil rights movement of the 1960s, so that people of my generation can go anywhere and be anything that we set our minds to. Thank you, Mr. Guyot, the example of your struggle and sacrifices will never go untold.

Keith Allen

Deptford, NJ.


The article on Alaska’s Gwich’ in Indians saddened and angered me. Are we to ignore another potential for the destruction of our planet? How cold and calculating the comment by Roger Herrera of BP Exploration, “It’s inevitable that these people will have to change.” No sir! It is inevitable that we have to change before it is too late. We must look for new sources of fuel from the solar system if we are to leave our planet viable for future generations.

Norma L. Pollitt

North Falmouth, Mass.


Rather than wasting money on a lawsuit against Bob Barker, why doesn’t the American Humane Association use the money to pay the cost of caring for sick and homeless animals? Millions are killed because not many people are willing to help out. Suing for $10 million is not going to eliminate this problem.

Kimberly Gush

Sterling Heights, Mich.

It stands to reason that, as a show business insider, Bob Barker is much more aware of what really happens on Hollywood sets than any outside organization could be. I applaud Mr. Barker’s activism on behalf of all animals, especially those that are forced to perform and behave in a way that is unnatural just so humans can make a buck. We must remember that humans can protect themselves and avoid confusion and pain, while animals cannot.

Alice A. Rockery

Carlsbad, Calif.


Thank you, PEOPLE, for the article on the Paragon Class of ’59 in Van Nuys, Calif. I wasn’t able to attend, so it was great to see old friends and former classmates.

Phyllis Tozzi Angello

Utica, N.Y.