September 18, 1989 12:00 PM


It’s so refreshing to see a megastar like Ringo Starr come back strong (PEOPLE, Aug. 28). Our whole family (including our 5-year-old son) has gone through Beatlemania all over again.

Susan Edwards

Ellenwood, Ga.

How dare you call these living legends “dinosaurs”! Are Beethoven, Mozart, Bach and Chopin fossils? Talent is talent.

Claudia J. Schwartz

Tarzana, Calif.

Your comment that Ringo Starr was “reduced to playing a train conductor on Shining Time Station, a TV kiddie show” was an insult to both Starr and the show. I have seen it occasionally on the public broadcasting channel and am always pleased with the stories and Ringo’s narration. It is nonviolent, educational, and it treats my 5-year-old as the intelligent child that he is.

Shona Ezechiels



I truly expected the Aug. 28 issue to feature Mickey Leland, a man who dedicated his life to championing the cause of the disadvantaged. A man who, as PEOPLE stated, “died as he lived, delivering help, hope and mercy.” How sad it is that seven pages were used to write about Ringo Starr and other returning rock stars, and the “tribute” to Leland consisted of a mere three paragraphs.

Shelby Hamilton

Battle Creek, Mich.


We don’t want you to think we’re riled because you came along after our book (Real Barbecue, Harper & Row, 1988) and acted like it was your idea to sniff out America’s best BBQ joints. We don’t want you to think we’re madder than a biting sow because 18 of the 26 places you mentioned were ones we already wrote about. We just want you to know that we’re a couple of good ole boys who just happen to have a 12-gauge shotgun. Loaded. With cayenne pepper. That writer of yours did a pretty good job—for a Northerner. But if he wants spicy, have him come see us….

Greg Johnson

Vince Staten

Prospect, Ky.

Ten pages on barbecue. You must be at a loss for material.

Beverly L. Spadotto

Charleston, S.C.

The story on barbecue held my full attention. A story about working people. About America. Nice! Clean! No gossip or lawsuits. I loved it!

D. Bowman

Fort Pierce, Fla.

Why did PEOPLE select Alan Richman as a rib expert? The man is obviously a novice at best. He never differentiated between “wet” and “dry” (Memphis variety) ribs, nor did he ever mention the texture of the meat. Don’t send Mr. Rich-man back to Memphis until his palate becomes more mature.

Tommy L. Williams Jr.



I can’t believe that Mr. Dotson spent eight years in jail for a crime he didn’t commit whereas Ms. Webb spent not one moment in jail for willfully taking eight years out of someone’s life. Somehow feeling badly about having done this does not seem quite enough.

C. Clarke

Guelph, Ontario


It saddens me to think that our so-called justice system could sentence a man to the death penalty when there is obviously a shadow of a doubt as to his guilt. Ronald Monroe may be innocent or guilty, but until we are completely sure, the man should not be killed.

Jolene Perry

New York City


If you are going to write about my work, could you at least have the courtesy to read it first? You state that Deadfall, my new novel, is about “a right-wing administration led by a weak-willed President.” There is, in fact, no character of a President at all, weak-willed or otherwise. I also never specify which political party is in power. I realize how eager you are to criticize my books, but reading them first might give you a bit more credibility.

Patti Davis

Los Angeles

Davis’s novel is concerned with a right-wing conspiracy to involve the U.S. in war with Nicaragua. The President, though he appears on page 258, does not play a significant role in the plot—ED.


On Aug. 28, my sister, Dr. Elizabeth Morgan, started her third year in jail for hiding her daughter, Hilary, from Hilary’s father, Eric Foretich, who has been accused of sexually abusing her (PEOPLE, June 12 and July 3). Elizabeth is now deeply in debt, having spent all her own savings and the money provided by her family on the effort to protect Hilary, so I have set up the Elizabeth Morgan Legal Defense Fund, P.O. Box 305, Cabin John, Md. 20818 and am asking for donations to help Hilary and Elizabeth.

Robert M. Morgan

West Bethesda, Md.

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