July 03, 1989 12:00 PM


Thank you for your cover story on the wedding of Delta Burke and Gerald McRaney (PEOPLE, June 12). How wonderful to see a gorgeous, gracious wedding. Designing Women and Simon & Simon are two of my favorite shows, and it’s great to see two of the stars so happy.

Alisa Hilde

Enderlin, N.Dak.

What a vulgar display of wealth. I’m all for love, romance, courtship, marriage and living happily ever after, but I would have enjoyed the story more if the wedding had been less expensive and a bit of social consciousness had been evident. Gee, a little $100,000 wedding could probably have been nice, and any shelter in the area would have been pleased to receive the other $150,000 as a contribution symbolizing the newly-weds’ happiness.

Virginia Wallace

Littleton, Colo.


I have been a fan of Richard Grieco since he has been on 21 Jump Street, but after reading your article about him I am a bit disappointed. There is no denying that he is attractive and he can act, but this bloated ego of his is a major turnoff. Narcissist? Yes. Brando? No.

Lisa Brown

Redwood City, Calif.


What a courageous woman Elizabeth Morgan is to remain jailed for the safety of her child. It seems that everyone, including Eric Foretich’s own expert, knew he was guilty except Judge Dixon. What an outrage that with all the evidence pointing to Eric Foretich as sexually abusing his child, Judge Dixon would allow unsupervised visitations. Even if it could not be proved conclusively, why not be on the safe side? Judge Dixon, you failed miserably to protect that innocent child, and now Elizabeth Morgan is being punished for doing your job for you.

Kim Thompson

Pasadena, Calif.

See related story on the Morgan case on page 38—ED.

I am outraged. I was always under the impression that “bad” people went to jail and “good” people were treated fairly. Thanks to PEOPLE, I’ve had my mind and eyes opened. What a travesty that a mother, who brought this child into the world, nurtured her and cared for her, must spend time in jail for loving her precious daughter more than freedom.

Kelli H. Chappelear

Rossville, Ga.

This case is not about protecting a father’s rights or a mother’s rights, it is about protecting the rights of a little girl. Any judge who would ignore even the slightest hint of abuse and does not, at the very least, order supervised visitation rights does not have his priorities straight.

Dee Hendrix

Green Valley, Calif.

I find it ironic that only a few weeks ago you did a story on a little boy who was kidnapped and sexually abused for seven years and the man who kidnapped him only spent five years in jail. Elizabeth Morgan, who is only trying to protect her child from further abuse, has already spent almost two years in jail. I think it is obvious whose side our legal system is on.

Melinda M. Lowe

Winfield, W.Va.

As a survivor of incest, I felt grief and outrage when I read your article about Hilary Foretich. She may heal eventually, but her life will be affected forever. Eric Foretich is a monster. I admire Elizabeth Morgan for her courage and for the determination with which she is protecting her child.

Name Withheld

Austin, Texas

The father is accused of raping the daughter and the mother sits in jail. Unbelievable. God help us all.

Ann L. Krueger

Louisville, Ky.

I do not and will not believe for one minute that Elizabeth Morgan would spend almost two years in jail and away from her daughter just to get some sort of sick revenge against her ex-husband.

Laura L. Boyles

New London, Conn.

I am outraged that such a travesty of justice is occurring. I also feel powerless to help. However, for what it is worth and for what it might do, I’ve canceled my family’s vacation trip to Virginia. We will go elsewhere.

Kathleen M. Kirk

Andover, Mass.

I almost choked on my morning coffee when I read Elizabeth Morgan’s story. Her husband reminded me of my former husband, a much-loved and respected physician who molested our daughter from her birth. I fought him, but the courts believed this seemingly kind and gentle doctor. He continued to molest our child every visitation until she ran away as a teenager. Before he committed suicide last year, he phoned me and said he could not help himself—he was attracted to helpless, passive children because his wives (three of us) were all accomplished and independent women. Note: Dr. Foretich just divorced his fourth wife, a dentist.

Name Withheld

San Diego

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