May 01, 1989 12:00 PM


After getting absolutely sick and tired of seeing endless stories on spoiled rich people having money, alcohol and drug problems and then expecting sympathy from the public, I was elated to find a story on Connie Chung and Maury Povich (PEOPLE, April 10). They are proof that love, marriage and two careers can work. Thank you, PEOPLE, for a winner.

Lian Schultz

San Angelo, Texas

Mary Alice Williams, who recently left CNN for NBC, was vice president and major anchor in the New York bureau, but she was not bureau chief. I have had the honor to hold that position for the past year.

David Farmer

New York City

We regret the error.—ED.


I’m glad that Maureen Reagan had the courage to tell her story. If it reaches one person and gives them the courage to seek help, it would be wonderful. I lived with brutal abuse for five long years and now, 12 years after my divorce, I’m still living in a silent hell. You never forget and people just don’t want to hear that you let a man beat you up. They never fail to tell you how they wouldn’t be so stupid. I always tell them don’t say that until they’ve been there.

C.K. Smith

Orange Park, Fla.

Am I the only one who finds it frightening that Maureen Reagan’s first husband, a man with a violent temper and all the self-control of a flea, was a police officer?

Melinda Brindley

Wheat Ridge, Colo.


Your article on the release of Randall Dale Adams really hit close to home. Randy and I are both graduates of Grove City High School. Recently my morning paper brightened my day when I read that the assistant district attorney who fought so hard to keep Randy behind bars had been dismissed. It seems Dallas County is cleaning house. Perhaps he would like an extended visit up here—say 12½ years?

Bob Hummel

Johnstown, Ohio

While many of Randall Adams’s supporters were becoming cynical about the legal system in Dallas, he never lost faith. He is not bitter, but he has been wounded. Randall will recover because his sense of humor is intact and he’s optimistic about his future. The strength of his character and the love and support of his family, friends and hometown will see to that.

Dwight C. Groce

Columbus, Ohio


Little, Brown & Company should get rid of Justin Kaplan before he ruins a good thing. He says there’s not one “naughty word” in the current Bartlett’s Quotations. Mr. Kaplan plans to add them and wonders how we can talk without them. Many of us are doing quite nicely. When I want a good quote, I go to Bartlett’s. When I want four-letter words, I go to a public rest room.

Mary Glines.

Ormond Beach, Fla.

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