April 17, 1989 12:00 PM


I am appalled that your magazine would waste time glamorizing a punk like the godfather of crime, John Gotti (PEOPLE, March 27). If people think the Mafia or Cosa Nostra is some glamorous group of Hollywood-type Italians, they are wrong. They are people who have to take the shortcut to making money, the dishonest way. They take advantage of the hardworking individuals of America, and PEOPLE should not glorify them, or the public might begin to respect a jerk like Gotti simply because he is on your cover.

Russ Vandeveerdonk

Brea, Calif.


Joe Clark turned Eastside High from a drug-infested school to one that is somewhat respectable. He should be commended for that. But now he seems to have outgrown the job. Could it be that Clark’s recent popularity and new career opportunities have taken away what he put into Eastside High in the first place?

Brian W. Smith

Bath, Pa.

Joe Clark is an educational Hitler, Period.

Barbara E. Snyder

Perryville, Md.


It is gratifying to see that finally something is being done about Dr. Burt and his atrocious practice of medicine. I worked briefly in the delivery room at the hospital where he did most of his practice, and I don’t believe there was a nurse in the place who liked him—not only because he was personally obnoxious and rude but also because his heavy use of drugs during labor and delivery resulted in very “sleepy” babies and zonked-out mothers. Dr. Burt’s ability to get away with this stuff for as long as he did is a sad commentary on the assumption of many non-medical people that “the doctor is always right.” Wrong!

Mary Hyslop

Chester Basin, Nova Scotia

I’m still in shock after reading the article on Dr. Burt. I, too, was a patient of his, from 1956 until 1973. He delivered both of my sons and performed three major operations on me (one which I insisted wasn’t necessary), the last a complete hysterectomy at the age of 34. In 19781 was stunned to find out that I was one of his victims of “love surgery.” I have had every one of the symptoms described by the other women.

Dolly Lee Crout

Deerfield Beach, Fla.


Lyle Wheeler is a legendary figure in American cinema. To think that two selfish, cold-hearted, money-grubbing slimes have, in effect, stolen his treasured belongings makes me ill. Sherry and Tom, why didn’t you allow your last names to be printed? Was it because you know in your hearts that you’re wrong? Mr. Wheeler is 84 years old. Give him back his most valued possessions—his Oscars—and his faith in the basic goodness of people.

Jeanie Adams

New York City

It is apparent that Sherry and Tom haven’t an ounce of compassion. I can’t believe anyone would say family photos are “worth nothing to anyone.” Their in-sensitivity and cruelty makes me furious. Lyle Wheeler was and is a great talent. He’s earned his Oscars, and they should be returned to him.

Mary L. Wolkowski

Baraboo, Wis.


Hats off to Robert Riesenberg for finding out how to get Peter Pan back on TV. It’s been a dream of mine for many years, and I was ecstatic to finally see Peter Pan fly again.

Kathy Goulet

Tower, Minn.

I am happy to advise you that the “one boy lost” mentioned in your story on the return of Peter Pan to TV has been found. He is my son, Joseph, also known as Joey Trent. He resides in Milford, Pa., and is happily married, with two lovely sons, Matthew, 5, and Michael, 1. He is presently engaged in the trucking and transportation business. Joey and his family were delighted to see Peter Pan on TV. It was the first time for his children and, of course, they were ecstatic. It was a most nostalgic moment for us all.

Kay Trentacosta

New York City


In response to Dee Phillips’s letter on the election of David Duke to the Louisiana House of Representatives, I am also appalled and humiliated by this and feel it has thrown Louisiana back to the olden days. But if northern Louisianians feel that they want to migrate to Texas, then that’s just fine with me. North Louisiana’s people have helped keep our state in the dark ages by sticking to their old set-in ways. How about we give Texas everything north of Alexandria? I doubt if they would take it.

Name Withheld

Baton Rouge, La.

I really resent the fact that all the residents of Metairie, La., are being condemned for electing David Duke when actually he represents just one small district. Most of us are embarrassed by the situation.

Rhea Brennan

Metairie, La.

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