August 15, 1988 12:00 PM

Mike & Kitty Dukakis

Your article on Michael Dukakis was one of the best things I’ve read or heard about a politician in my 18 years (PEOPLE, July 25). An avid supporter of the Republican party until all the scandal that has plagued the White House, I am happy to know that we have a man running for President who seems to be genuinely morally responsible. Although still a Republican at heart, I just can’t trust Mr. Bush. You’ve got my vote, Mr. Dukakis.

Scot Solano

Eatonville, Wash.

While I am thrilled for Kitty Dukakis that she has a husband who does the dishes, makes the beds and what-have-you, I don’t know that it has any bearing on Michael Dukakis’ presidential qualifications. If the intention of your article was to show the equality of the sexes in the Dukakis marriage, you succeeded. But to prove your point at the expense of George Bush (“Eat your heart out, Barbara”) is stooping a little low. At least Bush has spent eight years as Vice-President. That should qualify him for something.

Jody Lee Collins

Fresno, Calif.

Please stop calling Michael Dukakis “the Duke.” There was only one “Duke,” John Wayne, and he sure as hell didn’t look like that weasel.

Roseann Casey

Fords, N.J.

For the life of me, I can’t understand why the press keeps depicting Michael Dukakis as Mr. Ho Hum. I think he’s the most exciting candidate since Robert Kennedy. He’s spunky, sharp and straightforward, and he has a smile that lights up the room. On top of that, he has a proven record of public service. What more could anyone ask?

Claudia Madsen

Santa Barbara, Calif.

Walter & Nancy Stewart

If Walter and Nancy Stewart want to live in a meadow, why don’t they move to one instead of dragging down the standards of a $400,000-a-home community? Part of living in a community involves respect for one’s neighbors. I’m sorry, but people who turn a broken-down lawn mower into a cause célèbre irritate me. If they’re worried about where the bunnies will go, there’s probably plenty of room in the “meadow” my neighbor’s growing next door.

Priscilla Campbell

Lake Worth, Fla.

Angie Desimone

Did you really expect our hearts to bleed for aisle-anxiety victim Angie Desimone, who spent $3,700 on a wedding dress and veil; invited 225 guests to a $75 per person reception; whose daddy provided the down payment for a town house that tragically had no Jacuzzi, and required her fiancé to massage her sweaty feet? Wake up and smell the coffee, Angie, if you can figure out how to open the can.

Lynn R. Shoen

Las Vegas

You may call it coping with stress, we call it a waste of eight pages. Angie Desimone is not a typical bride coping with stress. The only stress she would have is if her daddy’s pockets were empty.

Sue Senko

Patty Snyder

Rita Adobato

Mt. Pleasant, Pa.

I hope you cover Angie and Mark Desimone’s divorce. Both are immature, demanding children who have no business getting married. I only hope her poor father doesn’t have to pay for her lawyer.

Celeste Barrett Rubanick

Ocoee, Fla.

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