July 18, 1988 12:00 PM

Tyson & Givens

Thank goodness for women like Robin Givens and her mother, Ruth Roper. It is shameful to hear about athletes who have lost their hard-earned fortunes to incompetent agents and managers. Mike Tyson is lucky to have a wife and mother-in-law with the fortitude to become aggressively involved in Mike’s total life, including his finances.

Mark-Anthony Wilson

Wallingford, Conn.

After reading the story on Mike Tyson and Robin Givens, all I can say is that I feel sorry for Mike. He has the worst wife and mother-in-law. They are running the world’s oldest game on him.

C. Houston

Fort Worth


Thank you for Erica Klein and Ken Kroll’s frank story. An article such as this does wonders to help break the barriers of misunderstanding and prejudice that the disabled have to cope with every day of their lives. My own 7-year-old daughter’s charismatic personality draws people to her. I have been fortunate to witness that it is possible for others to see past the wheelchair and to accept her as the exceptional child she is.

Lynda J. Peifer

Herculaneum, Mo.

Jim Mayer

After reading your article on Jim Mayer I was totally outraged and sickened. There seems to be no question that Mayer is a carrier of the AIDS virus. I’m outraged by his blatant disregard for the well-being of his many sexual partners. Mr. Mayer is a walking threat to society, and with his irresponsible sexual practices he is helping to spread this most frightening disease.

Kristin Comer

Fremont, Calif.

Bruce & Julianne & Patti

I thought you had more class, PEOPLE, than to judge and condemn a man without a fair hearing. Your article on the breakup of Bruce Springsteen’s marriage was unfair. Granted, he might be at fault, but how would you know without any input from his side?

Gail Abert

Los Osos, Calif.

Even though Julianne is the one who was “dumped,” Bruce is the one who looks like the loser. His comments about commitment and honesty will now sound like hypocritical, preachy sermons. He is the Swaggart of rock.

Tara Wells


Jack Lynch

We are all deeply indebted to E.H. McCleery and Jack Lynch for their incredible and selfless efforts in holding the wolf back from the precarious edge of extinction. It is beyond comprehension that humans still do not understand the fragile balance in nature and continue to slaughter these magnificent beings. Protection and humane treatment are essential for the preservation of all living things.

Leigh Lash

Benton Harbor, Mich.

Many people feel deeply about the plight of endangered animals but don’t go beyond writing an occasional letter or making a contribution to an animal welfare fund. Could you tell me the address of the E.H. McCleery Foundation?

Mary Ann Alter

Columbia, Md.

Donations maybe sent to: The Dr. E.H. McCleery Buffalo Wolf Foundation, P.O. Box 669, Boveman, Montana 59771-0669.—ED.

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