December 12, 1988 12:00 PM

Barbara Bush

After reading your article on Barbara Bush (PEOPLE, Nov. 21), I am convinced that, inside and out, she is one of the most beautiful ladies to grace the White House in many years.

John Lakeman

Winston-Salem, N.C.

The criticism Barbara Bush receives about looking too “grandmotherly” and not dying her hair is unfair. There are many women who appreciate her natural look. It is very refreshing to see a woman who is secure enough to be herself instead of trying to fit into today’s perverted idea of beauty. Women are sick and tired of a world that can make us feel unwanted if we have gray hair, are not reed thin or do not have a tightly stretched face.

Roxanne Finch

Northridge, Calif.

Richard Woodley

I have never read a more poignant article on coping with the loss of someone you love. I lost my mother and brother within two months of each other, and none of the medical, psychological and how-to books I have read have come as close to describing my feelings and thoughts as Richard Woodley’s story. It has been two years since my losses, and I must say that time does heal the pain, but the memories truly never die.

Michele Yanik



I think it’s a shame that some of the people who live in Pleasant Hills, Pa., are complaining about the method their volunteer fire department has come up with to raise money. Obviously the fish fries and spaghetti dinners just do not bring in the money needed to buy that equipment. Someone needs to remind those people of the meaning behind the word volunteer. The firemen should think about putting a calendar out every year.

Kelli Kuehl

Orange Park, Fla.

I say the firemen of Pleasant Hills should even the score next year and give us ladies a look at what’s underneath all that soot and ash.

Karyn Lesinger


Wake up, Pleasant Hills, and smell the smoke. Women aren’t “cattle” because they show a little calf. The only thing embarrassing in Pleasant Hills is that it took a calendar to light a fire under you. It’s a hot idea, and your fire department isn’t bad-looking either.

Stephanie DePrima

Garden Grove, Calif.

The only thing I find wrong with your story on the fire fighters’ calendar is that you didn’t tell us where we could get one. That really burns me up.

C.A. Treftz

Lowell, Mass.

Send $12.95 to Blaze of Glory Calendar, 72 Clairton Blvd., Pittsburgh, Pa. 15236—ED.

Imelda Marcos

Your story on Imelda Marcos was disgusting. If the Marcoses have plundered all the money our government claims they have, then Mrs. Marcos’ “prison” should be just that. As for her friend Doris Duke, it seems the $5.3 million bail money could be better used for people in real need, not the selfish, greedy Marcoses.

Charlotte Lindskog

York, Pa.

I was insulted when I read Imelda Marcos’ remark, “Suddenly now I am a human being.” What were you before, Mrs. Marcos, a deity? Do us all a favor and get back up on your pedestal because you are nothing more than an embarrassment to the rest of us “human beings.” As for being deprived, one of your typical shopping sprees equaled more than my entire salary this year. I hope you get what I believe you deserve—a long prison sentence.

G.L. Campbell

Lubbock, Texas

Geraldo Rivera

So Geraldo Rivera invited a bunch of thugs on his show, and they broke his nose. He got what he deserved. Poor Geraldo. When you’re a garbage can, you should expect garbage.

Ace Feek

Bellevue, Wash.

Give me Geraldo any day. He is by far the best talk show host on television. Forget Phil Donahue, who seems afraid to say what he thinks lest he offend somebody, their special-interest group or their life-style. Oprah only wants to show off her new body. Morton Downey Jr. simply makes my skin crawl. Geraldo isn’t afraid to voice his opinions or show his feelings about subjects that disturb us all. I watch him twice a day, and if he came on three times a day, I would watch that one too.

Judy Stechmann

Satsuma, Ala.

Len Sims

Your article on the sickening massacre of Nevada’s wild horses was an eye-opener. How can friends and families of these cruel cowards let this outrage continue, particularly when the next step is possibly the taking of a human life? It’s obvious this catastrophe is out of control. It’s time to give Len Sims, a very brave man, some help. Anybody who can inflict such large-scale death and agony on poor, defenseless animals and terrorize a community needs to be removed from society.

Jean Moeller

Reston, Va.

I just finished reading your story about the wild mustangs and have come to the conclusion that Lander County, Nev., is full of heartless, brutal killers, gutless cowards, and one commendable, decent being—Len Sims.

Barbara Archie

Aberdeen, Wash.

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