By People Staff
November 28, 1988 12:00 PM

Jessica McClure

A year ago I seriously considered contributing to the Jessica McClure Trust Fund. After reading your story (PEOPLE, Nov. 17), I’m glad I never did. I doubt seriously that the people whose contributions made up that $700,000 trust fund are encouraged to know that the money is sitting there reserved for the future of a very bright and healthy young girl when there are literally thousands of children starving or dying because their families can’t afford necessary medical treatment.

Janice Whitlow

Clovis, Calif.

It gets me right in the heart to hear how Chip and Cissy McClure are spending Jessica’s money and spoiling her rotten. All the people who came to their aid when Jessica fell into that well, and the McClures are only “grateful”? Why don’t they give some of the money gained in donations to some child in need of serious medical attention? Using Jessica’s money to gain better social status (“We used to hang with people who live in apartments. Now we hang with people who live a middle-class life”) is tacky.

Jodi Florence

Staunton, Va.

My question is, where does a 19-year-old ex-housepainter get $30,000 in cash to buy a house and purchase a new truck and Thunderbird? I am glad Jessica survived, but I can’t get angry at her rescuers for wanting to cash in when clearly the McClures have.

Alexandra J. Moriarty

Vernon, Conn.

Angela Lansbury

I commend Angela Lansbury for caring about her health and appearance, but I question her wisdom with regard to men. She said, “As long as these wives just keep looking lovely and start taking better care of themselves, those guys will come home. They always do.” No, Angela, they don’t. Wake up, it’s 1988. Instead, tell these women to spend at least as much time on their minds as they do on their faces and bodies, so when these men do leave them, they’ll be left with more than just low self-esteem and a pretty face.

Diane Nellis Koper

Lockport, Ill.

Nielsen & Gastineau

Give me a break, Brigitte. That woman will do just about anything for publicity. I know a class 4 Pap smear is scary—I had one during my pregnancy. But the surgery to remove cancer cells from the cervix is not that complicated. What Nielsen has succeeded in doing is frightening women who have abnormal Pap smears, while their doctors are trying to reassure them. As for Mark Gastineau leaving football over this—what an idiot. These two deserve each other.

A. Chirrick

Torrance, Calif.

What a fool I’ve been all these years, throwing away good money to have my Pap tests evaluated by qualified doctors. I could have contacted Lisa Gastineau for her expert opinion. A class 4 Pap test should greatly concern any woman. Good luck, Gitte, I’m praying for you.

Jyme Burcenski

Plainfield, Ill.

Pikeville, Ky.

The football coach purchased a Cadillac at cost and parked it next to the ’87 Pontiac that the grateful citizens of Pikeville bought him last year after his team won the Division A championship? What did the teachers receive? You know, those dedicated people in the classrooms who taught all the students—not just the football team—how to read, speak, multiply, etc. The Pikeville Board of Education bought rings for every player. The Booster Club chipped in and bought jackets and plaques for them. What rewards were given to those students who studied each night and made the honor roll? Or those students who came to school every day of the school year? Those of us in education struggle every day to teach values to our children. The Pikeville article clearly shows why the heroes of young people today are athletes and rock stars.

Linda French

Gulfport, Miss.

Saving the Whales

If only the time, attention and money spent to save three whales had been used on things such as child abuse, AIDS or the homeless, how many human lives could have been saved?

Laura L. Boyles

New London, Conn.

I would like to thank all the dedicated people involved in the rescue of the three whales. It is gratifying to know that good work is being done throughout the world for all of God’s creatures.

Martha Anderson

Michigan City, Ind.

Donny Lalonde

Thank you for letting us get to know Donny Lalonde. His story was one of strength and courage with a very important and meaningful message to the most important people in the world, the children. Even though he lost the fight to Sugar Ray Leonard, Donny Lalonde will always be a winner in my book.

Dawn Blochowicz

Franklin, Wis.

Celia Appel

I was moved to tears while reading your article on Celia Appel’s return to Karlsruhe, West Germany. While there is nothing the German people can do to make up for Hitler’s insanity, the citizens of Karlsruhe have taken a first step. I admire their compassion and tenacity in organizing the reunion of the city’s former Jewish citizens.

Valerie Weinberg

Farmington Hills, Mich.