By People Staff
November 07, 1988 12:00 PM

Sally Field

I like Sally, I really do (PEOPLE, Oct. 17). I don’t understand the fuss about her acceptance speech for her second Best Actress Oscar. Goody-goody or nauseatingly good, I hope Sally stays the same. I like seeing one of her movies and leaving the theater with a smile on my face and a warm feeling in my heart.

Holly Torok

Lubbock, Texas

Sally Field stated in your article, “I’d like to be like Cher.” Please, Sally, stay as you are. We don’t need any more self-centered, egotistical types. It’s so wonderful to see that a seemingly nice person can become successful in a business that appears to thrive on a dog-eat-dog kind of existence.

Kathi Smith

Newport Beach, Calif.

Kirk Erickson

It’s really amazing to me that Kirk Erickson thinks he’s actually entitled to win his case against Caesars Palace. First of all, his parents should be held accountable for allowing him to gamble. Kirk stated that if the age limit were clearly posted, “I wouldn’t have a gripe now.” Give us a break, Kirk, everyone knows what the legal age is for gambling. You broke the law, pal—you’re out of luck.

Patti Hawkins

Morgan Hill, Calif.

The story Kirk Erickson gave your reporter varies rather dramatically from the one we were given on our local news. We learned that Kirk hit the jackpot, then ran to get Daddy to claim it, knowing he was under age and figuring no one would be the wiser. It might have worked on a smaller jackpot, but on those large ones everything is on video. When Caesars ran the tape, as they always do to verify a large win, lo and behold, the man claiming the jackpot was not [the boy] seen on the tape pulling the handle. There are signs all over every casino stating that no one under 21 is allowed in the gaming area, much less allowed to play. The story given by the family sounds like a crock to me.

Michaele Fitzgerald

Las Vegas

Tim Shepard

I read with disgust about the events that occurred at the Criminal Justice Training Center in Agawam, Mass. There is nothing inherently wrong with vigorous exercise, conditioning and discipline. We all, at some time in our lives, expect to endure hard work in the pursuit of our goals—but not humiliation, degradation, racism, sexual discrimination and the outright risk of injury. The behavior of the training officers responsible for this and other reported atrocities is, at best, reprehensible. When you consider their utter disregard for the safety and health of the cadets they were supposed to be training, their behavior is criminal.

Chris Alberghini


Mike & Robin

I’ve heard all I need to about the Tyson-Givens mismatch. Women like her have a name: leech. She doesn’t deserve one cent of his money for sending his life into a tailspin and jeopardizing his career. I can only hope that he treats her like the money-grubbing, selfish vulture that she is. Poor Mike, he was so naive that he didn’t bother to look at the marriage certificate. It wasn’t Robin Givens he was marrying, it was Robin Takems.

Karrin A. Jones


I think it is so unfair that everybody is blaming Mike Tyson for all the problems he and Robin are having. I am not saying he is a saint, but before their marriage, did you ever see Tyson’s name in the paper other than for a scheduled fight? The best thing he could do would be to get rid of Robin and her freeloading mother.

Sandra Hughes

Allen Park, Mich.

Just because Mike Tyson is a lot bigger than Robin Givens doesn’t mean that he was beating her. Robin wasn’t the only one who was abused. Look how she emotionally wrecked him by saying he was a manic-depressive and that she was afraid of him. He deserves a lot better than that.

Susan Lyn Perron

Hancock, Mich.

I think Mike Tyson should wise up; Robin Givens should grow up; and Ruth Roper should shut up.

Kathy Skaar

Mountlake Terrace, Wash.


Your story about the struggling prospectors who are being evicted from their homes in California won no sympathy from me. As a Native American, I know there is nothing new about the federal government taking land away from people.

M. Shakespeare

Salt Lake City

I would like to commend the U.S. Forest Service for making such intelligent decisions. I am certain everyone would agree that there is no reason why people as old as 75 or 92 could not just pick up and start a new, after only 50 or so years in one place. It’s simply “smart management” to throw “social exiles” back into society. After all, the homeless population in this country is not so bad that it couldn’t squeeze in a few more. I think all of us would agree that a mere 1.7 million acres is far too small to hold a whopping 237 Klamath claim holders.

Valorie Parker

Higley, Ariz.