October 10, 1988 12:00 PM

Readers’ Poll

The Readers’ Poll showed me how American voters are thinking (PEOPLE, Sept. 19). Forty-two percent of the readers said that they will vote for George Bush in November, while 75 percent said that they believe him guilty in the arms-for-hostages deal. That could leave 17 percent of readers voting for a man they believe guilty of treason against our country. Let’s hope that those 13 percent of the voters who are undecided have enough brains to figure it out for themselves.

Victoria Charles

Placentia, Calif.

Tiffany is “cooler” than Debbie Gibson? How ridiculous. Tiffany has a good voice (given the right material) but has not demonstrated the talent or staying power that Debbie has. What I consider very “uncool,” though, is the fact that Tiffany allows her manager, George Tobin, complete control over her career. How cool can you be when you have no say regarding your own life?

Jack Vornberg

St. Louis

So, 55 percent of your readers don’t like Michael Jackson’s nose? I wonder what Michael thinks of 55 percent of your readers’ noses.

Shannon Reed

San Diego

Cher? Best female body? What a joke. Anyone with enough money could have a perfect body. Next year the poll should ask whether a body is natural or comes from a doctor.

Mary Woody

San Jose, Calif.

Your presentation of the readers’ answer to the question, “Do men do a larger share of the housework now than they did a decade ago?” was misleading. Of course they do. Men didn’t do anything a decade ago, so if the only thing they do in the way of housework is to pick up their socks, I suppose progress has been made.

Kirby Baskett

San Bernardino, Calif.

Barry Krischer

Protecting the hit-and-run driver who killed Mark Baltes seems to have caused attorney Barry Krischer to develop a severe case of shoe-on-the-other-foot. If a member of his family had been killed, he would be moving heaven and earth to see justice done. In a country that protects animals with the SPCA, we leave people lying in the street to die. There were really three victims in this case: Mark Baltes and his parents.

Mary J. Lamb

Augusta, Ga.

Barry Krischer once again affirms that lawyers care only about money. A lawyer who refuses to come forth with the identity of an individual who caused a death is just as guilty as the individual who did it. Judges, wake up and throw his behind in jail.

Annette Gormly

Washington, N.J.

Paul Revere

How can you write an article about Paul Revere and the Raiders and not mention their former lead singer, Mark Lindsay? The Raiders were my favorite group during my teenage years, and although Paul was funny, it was tall, dark, sexy and ponytailed Mark who fueled my dreams and every other fan’s.

Linda Zupan

Pasadena, Calif.


Congratulations to Tani Friewald and Wes Bailey for their fine performances. Their antics are the perfect medicine for the crusading self-righteousness of too many daytime talk show hosts. Both Sally and Geraldo take themselves way too seriously. But I have a solution. Cancel them both, and let’s make way for the Friewald and Bailey Show.

Ken Smith

Dickinson, N.D.

Preston Tucker

Your article about my father and his car is the most nauseating, trashy story I have ever read. Not only is it loaded with untruths and misquotes and is sickeningly inane, it stinks of sensationalists writing. I cannot dignify it by referring to it as journalism. Horrible.

Noble Tucker

Sun City, Ariz.

I am very disturbed by an erroneous statement in your story on Preston Tucker. It states that Alex Tremulis designed the 812 Super-charged Cord. I was the designer of the car. I have never claimed that I did it alone and in my book, Rolling Sculpture, give full credit to the others, but Tremulis was not with the Auburn Automobile Company when all the design work was accomplished.

Gordon M. Buehrig

Grosse Pointe Woods, Mich.

I saw the movie Tucker and left with a lot of unanswered questions. A visit to the library proved fruitless. I was so glad to discover your article. It satisfied my curiosity and fleshed out the real Tucker, who really was quite a man.

Susan Soffer

Huntingdon Valley, Pa.

Picks & Pans

Where on earth did Jeff Jarvis ever get the absurd idea that I’m a movie critic who likes everything I see (PEOPLE, Sept. 9)? The fact is that last year alone I gave negative reviews to nearly 75 percent of the films I reviewed, including the likes of Moonstruck, The Big Easy and Who Framed Roger Rabbit, movies that nearly all my colleagues liked. Jeff, sit a little closer to the set, turn up the volume and maybe you’ll hear what you’ve apparently been missing.

Jeffrey Lyons

New York City

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