September 19, 1988 12:00 PM

Princess of York

Being an avid royal watcher, I enjoyed reading in PEOPLE (Aug. 29) about the newest princess. I feel sorry for this little girl because each time Princess Beatrice steps outside, she will face the barrage of photographers who have followed her cousins Princes William and Harry since birth. While the little princess will be given the best, she can never have privacy.

Joanna Dreifus

Short Hills, N.J.

Why all the preoccupation with the Princess of York’s weight? You made your article sound as if her 30-lb. weight gain was so unusual. Any obstetrician will tell you that 25-35 lbs. is the desired weight gain for a pregnant woman.

Denise Mancine

Cape Coral, Fla.

I gained almost 40 lbs. during my pregnancy. Fifteen months later I’m back wearing my size 8 clothes. If Fergie gained only 30 lbs. during her pregnancy, she should be praised, not picked on. Give the new mom a break.

Cynthia Bassett

Fort Washington, Pa.

Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley was one of the most recognized entertainers in the world and became an American legend. It’s only fitting that this generous and caring American folk hero should be commemorated on a U.S. postage stamp.

Laura Illes

Hollywood, Fla.

Well, the 10 years are up. So what’s the delay on the Elvis Presley postage stamp? Get with it, U.S. Postal Service.

Rosie Shults

Kansas City, Kans.

Julio Iglesias

Julio Iglesias is the best European export since olive oil. Keep it going nonstop, Julio.

Suzanne C. Hicks

Arlington, Va.

I found your story on Julio very sad. Here’s a man so full of insecurities he can’t enjoy the wonderful success that he has achieved. What’s going to happen when his youthful appearance is gone? I hope he can pull himself together before then and enjoy his life.

Debbie Duncan

Fort Bragg, Calif.

We have enough problems with sexually transmitted diseases, alcoholism and inflated egos in this country without glorifying individuals like Julio Iglesias, whose life is like every other party guy’s. Maybe Julio has gotten away with this kind of life-style, but statistics show that many have not.

Cheryl Werner

Albuquerque, N.Mex.

Patrick Buchanan

Bull’s-eye! As Pat’s former producer on Crossfire, I may not have agreed with his politics, but he sure is one of the nicest people I know.

Heidi S. Berenson

Washington, D.C.

Pat Buchanan is a sad statement of modern America. Such narrow-minded beliefs reveal a neofascist attitude. Buchanan’s blaming the AIDS epidemic on homosexuals reminds me of another historically prominent political figure who put the blame for his nation’s problems on the Jews.

David Roy Mahoney

San Jose, Calif.

Patrick Buchanan’s America is one of myth that distorts the past and conceals the sins of the government. In the real world, people are exploited, poverty thrives, and Indians and blacks are enslaved by those who possess delusions of arrogance and use God to control many lives. I find it hard to understand how he can criticize the evils of Communism and support the oppressive apartheid system in South Africa. Buchanan would make some country a heck of a king.

Denny Naquin

Opelousas, La.

Wayne Gretzky

In Canada, hockey and Wayne Gretzky have been No. 1. Thanks to the Edmonton Oilers’ owner, Peter Pocklington, hockey in Canada will never be the same. Wayne will be greatly missed in Edmonton. I hope that the people in L.A. realize what a treasure they have gained.

Ann Holmberg

Edmonton, Alta.

As a patriotic Canadian, I am disappointed by Wayne’s decision to leave. There are many young boys who idolize him. I wish Gretzky would explain to my 10-year-old cousin why Canada’s hero is abandoning his fans. So much Canadian talent has left for the States after making it big. Shame on you, Wayne. I thought you would be different.

Cathryn J. Carnell

Calgary, Alta.

Wayne Gretzky has earned admiration for his tremendous talent, the charities he has endorsed and his exemplary conduct. Wayne showed that he is truly the gentlemen we’ve come to expect by not responding to the unprofessional remarks made by Peter Pocklington about Wayne’s ego being the size of Manhattan. Wayne is sadly missed by all in Canada.

Cecilia A. Ackerman


Neither the Edmonton Oilers nor the Los Angeles Kings got the better end of Gretzky’s trade. Janet Jones did. She got a loving husband.

Michelle Rauch

Washington Twp., N.J.

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