September 12, 1988 12:00 PM

John Lennon

By the way he writes, a biographer reveals as much about himself as he does about the subject he chooses. Albert Goldman’s work shows a very negative and bitter man who has little self-worth and sees no intrinsic value in others, except for what they can do for him. He has dredged up a lot of unsubstantiated dirt on the Lennons, with no consideration of the contributions each has made to society.

Michael McCarthy

St. Paul

I was amazed that John Lennon, a man with such questionable motives and ethics, was able to symbolize for an entire generation the higher virtues of peace and love. Thank goodness for scrupulous people like Albert Goldman, who is brave enough to uncover him.

Joe Winter

Ipswich, Mass.

The ultimate irony is that despite his problems, Lennon was blown away at the time of his life when he had finally found himself. We cannot know what Lennon would have done had he survived. It is unfair to continue to attack him after his death.

Barbara Wilhelm

Uniontown, Pa.

Six Texas Friends

I thoroughly enjoyed your article about six women who vowed in 1944 to be friends forever. What a beautiful tribute to these intelligent ladies, who understood early on the value of true friendship, understood each other’s faults and accepted each other unconditionally. Let this be a lesson to all who are quick to say that women can never really be good friends.

Marie Levy

Oceanside, N.Y.

Hats off to you for an inspiring story of friendship and love. In a world full of fair-weather friends, this is indeed a rare thing.

Robert Potts

Orono, Maine

I found the story of the Texas women who promised to maintain contact for 44 years heartwarming. I am a member of a group who graduated in 1965. Though our own promise wasn’t made until a few years had passed, there are still seven of us who have met once a month for the past 17 years. Will we make it to 44 years? I don’t know. But there are some bonds that are formed that are just there. I am grateful for that.

Laurie Sherman

Round Lake, Ill.

Victor Costa

Hooray for Mr. Costa, a charming man who makes all his ladies look and feel like a million dollars for a fraction of the cost. Oscar de la Renta and Emanuel Ungaro should come off their high horses and appreciate the tribute Costa is paying them.

Kathryn Kearny

Woodland Hills, Calif.

Bruce Kimball

I was very angry when I read about Bruce Kimball. I don’t want someone like this representing my country at the Olympics. Not all the athletes competing are model citizens. But they are worthy of representing their country. Isn’t it ironic that the accident that could have killed Kimball in 1981 was a result of a drunk driver. He didn’t learn much, did he?

Jeanine Overfelt

Terre Haute, Ind.

Bruce Kimball failed to make the 1988 U.S. Olympic diving team, finishing fourth and sixth in two events at the Olympic trials in Indianapolis.—ED.

I was really disturbed when I heard the Olympic Committee was going to leave Bruce Kimball on the U.S. team after he had killed two people while driving after drinking. I keep my child in sports hoping that she will realize the need for a healthy, drug-and alcohol-free body to perform at her best. That’s hard to teach when many of our athletes are involved in drug-and alcohol-related incidents.

Nancy Holmes

Lansing, Mich.

Susie Carter

As a former beach bunny, Susie Carter still has her head in the sand. She claims there are eight eligible men in Alaska for every eligible woman. According to State Department of Labor population estimates, the ratio is 105.7 men per 100 women. Alaska is also in an economic depression. So if you are looking for men and money, I suggest Saudi Arabia.

Barb Johnson


Alaska men don’t have to wait for an outsider to find an interesting woman for a sensitive relationship. We’re right here. Why are these men sitting around their campfires when they could be at local clubs, singles meetings or lodges meeting me? Single Alaskan men, come out of the woods!

Barbara Rutherford

North Pole, Alaska

Anyone wanting to know why there are so many single men in Alaska should ask any of the single women in Alaska. Up here, we say of the high male-to-female ratio that the odds are good but the goods are odd.

Maggie McQuaid


You get girls interested in seeing Susie Carter’s magazine and then don’t tell us where we can find it. How about an address?

B.L. Isaacs

Whittier, Calif.

For a subscription, write: Alaska Men Magazine, 1013 East Dimond Boulevard, Suite 601, Anchorage, Alaska 99515.—ED.

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