July 04, 1988 12:00 PM

Paul Hogan

Thank you for your article on Paul Hogan (PEOPLE, June 13). He’s the sexiest man to hit the screen since Clark Gable. As for Rod Ansell (who claims to be the real Mick Dundee), I say he’s not the real “Croc” but a real “crock.” Paul Hogan made the character what it is, and nothing written about Mr. Ansell could make me believe any differently.

Pat Heller

Gibsonia, Pa.

I knew it was too good to be true. Paul Hogan would reap millions, join the ranks of the superstars and remain with his wife. Shucks, I thought he was going to be different from the regular Hollywood types. Too bad.

Denise Farr

Westfield, N.J.

Kathleen O’Rourke Peele

I feel truly sorry for Heather O’Rourke’s family. I can understand suing the doctors for “wrongful death,” but to sue for “economic loss”? Ridiculous. The person who would have suffered economic loss would have been Heather, if she had suffered brain damage or been crippled and not able to support herself. Kathleen O’Rourke Peele sounds like her meal ticket is gone and she needs money for the family to live on. What a shame.

Barbara Richardson

Downers Grove, III.


I am a 1966 graduate of Mount Clemens High School, and I was very proud of my class and all that we accomplished. However, I was never more proud of the students of Mount Clemens as I was when I read the article about the senior prom they put on this year for our area senior citizens. Bravo!

Patty Clegg

Mount Clemens, Mich.

Larry Mahoney

I found your article about Larry Mahoney to be a joke. You made him out to be a saint. The man killed 27 innocent people. I think your story was very one-sided and made it seem like he did nothing wrong. He should get everything he deserves and more.

M. Holden

New York City

It is admirable of friends of Larry Mahoney to come to his support during this crisis. However, Larry Mahoney is responsible for this tragic event. This time he can’t marry someone to “make it right.” The damage is irreparable and the punishment is up to the courts. May God be with Larry as he works through his personal crisis.

Bernadine M. Port

Sun City, Ariz.

Larry Mahoney and his family should be grateful he’s alive and able to serve a prison sentence. How I wish someone had taken our son’s car keys and kept them. Instead he left a young widow and two little girls. It wasn’t the first time Roy had driven under the influence, but it was the last, as he wrapped himself around a traffic stanchion. I am only profoundly grateful he didn’t take anyone with him.

Shirley Hill


When I was notified that my precious daughter had been killed along with 26 other people in that horrible, fiery massacre, I was filled with outrage and hatred for Larry Mahoney. But after I read your article, all that changed. The way you painted him to be such a fine, upstanding pillar in his community was so touching. Yes sir, knowing that Mr. Mahoney is just a “good ole boy” brings me so much comfort. Now I don’t have to close my office door at work so I can cry privately. I don’t have to watch my wife and 6-year-old daughter cry whenever we talk or even think about Patty. Putting the sarcasm aside, I was extremely offended by your article. You attempted to make Mahoney a martyr and portrayed him as the primary victim. Even worse, you portrayed drunk driving as just a small problem that “good ole boys” sometimes get themselves into. My only hope is that this tragedy may wake this country up to the severity of drunk driving. You made it easier for people to rationalize and justify drunk driving. You are saying that bad things happen to the nicest people. People who get drunk and then get behind the wheel are not “nice people.” Mr. Mahoney is no hero and deserves no sympathy. You owe me and the entire country an apology.

James B. Nunnallee

Radcliff, Ky.

It was far from our intention to portray Larry Mahoney as a saint, a martyr or a good ole boy who did nothing wrong, or to provide a rationale for driving drunk. The point of our story was that Larry Mahoney was an otherwise ordinary person who did something that too many otherwise ordinary Americans do every day, and that his doing so cost 27 innocent people their lives.—ED.


I’d like to respond to Whitney Houston’s remark “I’m bigger than the Beatles.” It makes me furious that she could even think that, let alone say it onstage. The only thing Whitney Houston has that will ever be bigger than the Beatles is her head. Come down to earth, Whitney, you’re not that good.

Donna Kropkowski


A statement in Chatter (PEOPLE, May 9) mistakenly suggests that the television series Wiseguy is based upon the book of the same name by Nicholas Pileggi. For the record, Wiseguy, the television series, is entirely the original creation of Stephen J. Cannell Productions.

Michael J. Dubelko


The Cannell Studios

Los Angeles

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