June 30, 1975 12:00 PM

Mick and Bianca Jagger

Hey you dummies! Mick Jagger (PEOPLE, June 9, 1975) is a brilliant musician, but the Rolling Stones are not “his” group. You make it sound as if the others in the band are merely backup men. The fact is, these guys create and add to the musical quality of the Stones just as much as Mick Jagger.

Bob Summers


“Bianca conquers the Continent?” The only “conquering” Bianca Jagger attempts is over Relevance and Purpose, and though she’s a formidable adversary in that contest, she’ll need all the puffery she can get to bring it off.

Jack Shubert

St. Louis

William Buckley

In wake of the arrogance, confusion, and bungling ineptitude that was Watergate, it is hardly comforting to know that still others of our nation’s alleged responsible political experts are at this moment steering a wobbly course across the choppy Atlantic waters, gleefully tossing freshly drained wine bottles overboard, presumably to mark the way for anyone unfortunate enough to be following.

Ron Kathman

Tucumcari, N.M.

Your reference to “a time when 1,000 sons of Eli rioted against a Good Humor man” is inaccurate. I was there. A large group of undergraduates joined in spontaneous support of the Humpty Dumpty ice cream tricycle whose traditional corner space was preempted by the much larger Good Humor truck. After some good-natured shouting, the Good Humor man abandoned the space. Then the group, which had grown quite large, began a parade to the Green. At the Green, however, the students were met by New Haven police with clubs who began beating on them. This was the “riot”—by police, not students.

Jerome Wagshal

Washington, D.C.

The Salks

Dr. Salk is to be commended for his direct attack against the archaic and unjust tradition of awarding custody of the children involved in a divorce to the mother. Legislation such as the Equal Rights Amendment will do a great deal to correct the injustices that men have suffered for decades in our divorce courts.

Jon Naef

College Park, Ga.

Tsk. Tsk. Poor Mrs. Salk. If she wants more “independence,” why can’t she get off her back end and contribute even a fraction of what her husband has contributed to society? Who cares if he enjoys the limelight, as long as he keeps producing such sensitive and useful books?

Redus Day

New York

Pooh, the traveling cat

Hurrah! More proof that the feline is not at all the independent, unloving snob humans make her out to be!

Nancy Snider

Grand Rapids

Shana Alexander

Why don’t you tell us who is publishing Shana Alexander’s book? Some of us who have long admired the lady and her writing might like to purchase it.

Dr. Ruth Roland

Americus, Ga.

The State-by-State Guide to Women’s Legal Rights is published by Wollstonecraft Inc., 6399 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles 90048.—ED.

As one of the executives who recruited Shana Alexander to be editor of McCall’s, I can testify that her lack of graciousness about that experience is exceeded only by her poor memory. Her tenure was disastrous, not because of commercial pressures, but as the result of her own incompetence and capriciousness as an editor. It is ironic—and fairly typical—to have her bad-mouthing McCall’s during an interview promoting a book based on research originally paid for by the magazine.

Robert Stein

Editor, McCall’s

The Professors Walster

Three cheers for Senator Proxmire! We taxpayers need someone to defy the ripoff specialists and their inane “research” projects.

Maxime Wolston

Laconia, N.H.

Kids are not “a pain in the ass” as Bill Walster says. People like him and Elaine Walster are.

Steve Holland

Lubbock, Tex.

Dick Hughes

I just received a letter from my brother Dick Hughes in Saigon saying he is filled with joy that the anguish of the children is over. Many of them have returned to their families and the countryside that was once inaccessible. Those people who helped keep the light burning can only share in Dick’s satisfaction that for these innocent victims there is at long last light at the end of the tunnel.

Liz Hughes


Louis L’ Amour

Hold on pardners. You stated that Louis L’Amour is possibly the last master of the Western story. That is akin to saying that Shakespeare was the last of the great playwrights. This buckeroo (myself) is but a wet-behind-the-ears 24, yet I have sold my first Western novel and have two more in the works. Don’t put us young writers in literary Boot Hill yet.

Jack Zavada

Ancona, Ill.

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