April 21, 1975 12:00 PM

Jackie Onassis

Your story, “Jackie, What Next?” (PEOPLE, March 31), is an insult to the intelligence of your readers. A simple list of her travel itinerary over the past six years—especially during her late husband’s critical illness—would alone disprove your tale of the doting mate. A person entering the marital contract only upon written assurance of her husband’s dowry and who could not adjust her schedule to accommodate his death cannot be swallowed as the cruelly dealt with martyr you would have us believe.

Mary W. Fleischmann

Jackson, Mich.

Judging from Jackie’s conduct this last decade, I daresay she is not the “poor poet” type—I’m willing to wager that Howard Hughes is a much more likely candidate. Won’t you let us know the minute you hear?

Jim Gianakis

Long Beach, Calif.

There is still J. Paul Getty.

Betty Armstrong


Why is it that Jackie Kennedy Onassis is always tabbed America’s heroine? I, for one, strongly disagree that all Americans revere her. It will be a relief if—and when, hopefully—she retires from the American news scene.

Margery Carlson

Abilene, Tex.

My heart is with Christina Onassis. May her future be brighter and happier.

Robert A. Beilman

Silver Spring, Md.

With all the people who would really dig being in your magazine, why do you stuff it with people who would obviously rather be left alone, i.e., Jackie Onassis, Mme. Charles de Gaulle, etc.?

M. Lenk

Coos Bay, Oreg.

Edith Head

I’m terribly impressed by being in PEOPLE. In fact, I’m so pleased that I don’t mind your telling my true age or the unretouched pictures!

Edith Head


I see we have another “disaster” movie descending upon us. In Lombard and Gable director Sidney Furie wants James Brolin for Gable. James Brolin? That’s like having Tiny Tim play Caruso, Don Knotts play Bogart or Troy Donahue play Barrymore. Who does director Furie want for Lombard? Totie Fields? Moms Mabley?

Sharon McMahon

Las Vegas

No, as a matter of fact, he signed Broadway actress Jill Clayburgh for the part.—ED.

The Phillip Longs and the IRS

I wish to express my appreciation for your article. Most people are afraid of the IRS. According to the Washington Observer Newsletter 99.98% of American taxpayers just pay their taxes and ask no questions. Hence the Longs are exceptions, and I think they deserve support, which you certainly gave them.

Géza Korda

New York

Thank God someone is actually doing something about the IRS, which also penalizes the working mother who is a divorcee with a very small income. My thanks and congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Long. I only wish there were something I could do to help the battle. If letters to congressmen and senators will help, that I will gladly do.

Gayle S. Jordan


Loretta Lynn and “The Pill”

Loretta Lynn set the sexual revolution back 50 years with her remark about her new song, “It’s a husband and wife, not two unmarried people, so that’s not dirty.” I might suggest that Ms. Lynn get reeducated for 1975; after all, we settled the pill issue in the ’60s.

Evonne Adair

New York

Mortimer Adler

Mortimer Adler defines fact as “You can say that Columbus discovered America.” Is this knowledge that the new Britannica imparts? In case Mr. Adler does not know, Leif Ericson was the first European to set foot on the American continent. Perhaps Mr. Adler should look up “Ericson, Leif” in the World Book.

F. Mitchell Turner

Boothwyn, Pa.

The Britannica says Ericson’s achievement was “doubtful” and that Columbus was the “first historically verifiable discoverer of the New World.”—ED.

Alfred Boedekker

The moment I saw his picture I knew it had to be “our” Father Alfred. We were fortunate to know him when he lived in Santa Barbara. The article stirred up many happy memories, and now that we know where he is we will keep in touch. Thank you for finding our long-lost friend.

Alexandra Morelli

Santa Barbara

Gianni Bulgari

That was a gripping tale about Gianni Bulgari, the Italian playboy who was recently kidnapped. Unfortunately, the story went on to outline precautions taken by other wealthy Italians against a rash of kidnapping and forgot to mention the fate of poor Bulgari. Is he dead or alive? Was he released or is he still missing?

Cathy Wilson

Toronto, Canada

As of last week, Gianni Bulgari was still in the hands of his kidnappers. Nothing has been heard from him or them since the day after the abduction, when a handwritten ransom note from him was delivered to a cousin.—ED.

Arthur Hailey

Arthur Hailey should be now working on a new disaster novel—”Grocery Cart!”

John J. Lyons


John Denver

Beneath the picture of John Denver and his wife, some candy-pants caption writer called the singer a “Colorado apologist.” Perhaps your writer is subject to altitude sickness. Colorado needs no “apologist” of any kind, and I’m sure that John Denver will agree with that.

David R. Guyer Sr.

Colorado City

Mike Wallace

After reading about Mike Wallace, I find that he really is human. I have great respect for him, although he seems to be “out for blood” during his interviews. He should not have any doubts concerning the Haldeman interviews—he made them well worth the money.

Linda Matney

Harrison, Tenn.


We English, over here, were amused, albeit contemptuous, of Barbra Streisand’s claim that she was born with taste and instinct. If she was, it was sadly lacking in her display of boorishness and bad manners when she spoke to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth last week. Since any number of officials could have answered her question concerning the wearing of gloves, she obviously asked the Queen directly to gain as much publicity as she could.

Joanna Sarsfield

Bridgeville, Pa.

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