February 01, 1988 12:00 PM

New Year Preview

In your current issue (PEOPLE, Jan. 11) you refer to a new term, muppie (middle-age urban professional). After hippie and yuppie, please, don’t you think our generation needs a break from such clichés? Next we will be labeled as ruppies (retired urban professionals) and much later, suppies (senile urban professionals).

David P. Walther

Madison, Wis.

As cute as Bruce Willis looked on your cover, I couldn’t help but notice that he’s about to lose a button on that nifty white jacket of his. I am worried sick—he could never match it, and nobody gives you extra buttons anymore, even if you have your own television series. Do Brat Pack girls actually sew, do you suppose?

Joyce Slater

Kennesaw, Ga.

Sharon Batts

I think it’s great that Sharon Batts and the town’s Christian youth group produced a song that made millions of people realize how bad of a problem child abuse is. But later in the article it states that all of the profits will be going toward Christian music. Why aren’t the profits going toward child-abuse organizations?

Dana Kujawa

South Holland, Ill.

Carly Simon

I had the pleasure of meeting Carly Simon, and I wish her and James the best in their new marriage. However, if there is a third time for Carly at the altar, I hope she keeps this James in mind.

James T. Bianco


Fess Parker

The Disney people are not the only ones cool to Fess Parker. Many of us fought long and hard to stop his development of one of the last open spaces on the Southern California coast. He has built a huge, glitzy, ugly hotel on beautiful open land. He has added to the overcrowding and pollution of once peaceful Santa Barbara. The greed of the ’80s wears a coonskin cap.

Dennis J. Mulgrew

Santa Barbara, Calif.

My teenage son, Darren, works part-time at Fess Parker’s resort in Santa Barbara, and even though he’s much too young to have seen Davy Crockett or Daniel Boone on TV, he says Mr. Parker is one of the nicest, most down-to-earth men he’s ever met. I do remember him from those TV days and I think I still have a crush on him.

Bonnie Knauss

Goleta, Calif.

Joseph Charles

When I read your article on Joseph Charles it brought tears to my eyes. Something so simple as a wave can bring such joy. Even though I have never seen him wave, I will have a nice day just thinking of him.

Elizabeth Anderson

Fort Myers, Fla.

The Frohnmayers

I want to thank Dave and Lynn Frohnmayer for all they have done for Fanconi anemia patients and their families. When my son Shawn was diagnosed with FA almost 12 years ago, we were alone, in the dark and had nobody to share our emotions with. Shawn is doing very well and thanks to Dave and Lynn’s hard work (and grief) more people are now aware that this disease exists and how devastating it is. Most of all, I am thankful for the network of support they started with other families through the FA newsletter.

Vicki Phillips

Albany, N.Y.

I first heard of the Frohnmayers and their search for matched bone-marrow donors for their daughters this summer. At the time I was undergoing a bone-marrow transplant for leukemia in Seattle. Unlike Kirsten and Katie Frohnmayer, fortunately I have a sister with matching marrow. Now I can only hope that donors will soon be found to give both girls full lives as my sister certainly gave me.

Carrie Brasfield

Rogue River, Ore.

Van Johnson

Thank you for the walk down memory lane provided by the article on Van Johnson. Van disproves the old adage Nice guys finish last. Not only is Van first with his legion of fans, we prove it by being there when his name appears on a theater marquee. It’s hard to resist the love he sends out to his audiences.

Terry Crane


Picks & Pans

I must strongly disagree with Jeff Jarvis’ assessment of the Roy Orbison special on Cinemax. Mr. Jarvis complained that Roy Orbison did not talk to his guests. I am very happy to do without the cloying comments and mutual backslapping that characterize many artist “tributes” airing these days. The respect and admiration the performers had for Orbison was evident on their faces and in the way they played. I say, cut the chummy chatter and give me the tunes, especially if that makes room for more songs the caliber of Running Scared and Only the Lonely.

Bruce A. Brown

Alexandria, Va.

The way Peter Travers criticized Empire of the Sun really upset me. I do not think he should have based his opinion on the book. I have read the book and seen the movie, and the movie was much more moving. An opinion is an opinion, and mine is that it was the best movie I ever saw and everyone should go see it.

Katherine Nichols

Shalimar, Fla.

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