June 20, 1988 12:00 PM

Ryan White

Thank you for your story on Ryan White (PEOPLE, May 30). Sometimes through the darkest time there shines the brightest light. Ryan White is such a light. Ryan, his family and the town of Cicero, Ind., have restored my faith in human nature by proving that educating with facts and acting with compassion can bring us together and be rewarding for everyone. Bonding together and separating fact from fiction will help find a cure for AIDS—judgment of its victims will not.

Theresa A. Laib

Dunellen, N.J.

It’s simple. The reason Ryan White is doing so well is that he has been administered some remarkable medicine—the kindness and decency of those wonderful townsfolk in Cicero. They have allowed Ryan to set aside much pain and anguish and in so doing helped the best of this wonderful child to grow and flourish.

K. Thompson

San Diego

Being a single parent of a child with asthma, I spend many sleepless nights listening to my 11-year-old daughter struggling with breathing as she sleeps. I thought I had it rough. Your article on Ryan White made me realize that there are parents who spend their sleepless nights crying.

Jim Welch

Auburndale, Fla.

Yesterday I read your story about Ryan White. Today I volunteered to work with AIDS patients. Tomorrow maybe I can be a friend to someone who really needs a friend.

Patricia Smith


PEOPLE, I want to take you to task for your sensationalism and unprofessional conduct. You are condemning a community of 48,000 people indiscriminately for the acts of a very few. Surely you must realize that out of a community of this size, the vast majority of people feel much the same way about Ryan White that most people feel—saddened, hurt, confused and concerned. Yes, we do have a few jerks here in Kokomo who would and did victimize a young boy. This is our shame. But we have no monopoly on jerks; we just have our small share, like every community.

Deborah L. McDaniel

Kokomo, Ind.

Lee lacocca

Lee lacocca for President? Are you kidding? Is it possible that the American public could have a candidate who has a genuine sense of fiscal responsibility and believes that power and authority require an attitude of stewardship? Does he need a campaign chairman? I’m available.

David Adams

Indian Hills, Calif.

The L’Esperances

Since I am the mother of two-year-old identical triplet daughters, I found the article about the L’Esperance quintuplets an inspiration. Reading about all the bottles, feedings, diapers brought back so many memories of when my girls were babies. People always say to me, “I’m glad it’s you and not me.” Even though raising multiples is a lot of work, I’m glad it’s me and not you too. Michele and Ray, you are truly blessed.

Julie Maynard


I wish I lived near Detroit so I could volunteer to help out the L’Esperance family. A few hours of help a week could go a long way toward helping them preserve their health, happiness and sanity. Come on, neighbors and churches in Davisburg, can’t you help a family in need? And by the way, all you diaper manufacturers should be ashamed of yourselves for not donating some diapers. Miracles like this don’t happen very often.

Charmaine A. Potter

El Toro, Calif.

Recently Kimberly-Clark pledged a six-month supply of diapers and a retired neonatal nurse from Yakima, Wash., came to care for the quints.—ED

I have been married 11 years and have been unable to have children. When I saw the picture of the L’Esperance quints, it stirred up feelings I thought I had dealt with long ago. I was reminded how much I really would have loved to have a baby. What I don’t understand is how a couple married less than two years, with three healthy children between them, could even be candidates for a test-tube pregnancy. Why couldn’t they be content with what God had blessed them with and let others have a chance?

Kathy A. Weigand

Margate, Fla.

Warwick Davis

Thank you, PEOPLE, for spotlighting such a hopeful and talented young actor as Warwick Davis. This story is proof that rising young stars needn’t be six-foot clones of Rob Lowe or Tom Cruise in order to make it in the business or in the pages of your magazine. Willow is a wonderful film, and Davis’ credible performance has perhaps left the young actor on the threshold of a promising future.

Jeanette Anderson

Norco, Calif.


When I read about the Schellins and how wonderful it is that they can have two normal babies, I was very happy. I told my wife, however, that I bet there would be people who are so obsessed on the subject of abortion that they would rather have nine dead babies than two live, healthy ones. The letter in this week’s issue from Jennifer Coleman proves I was right.

Robert E. Whitney

Burlington, Wash.

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