August 10, 1987 12:00 PM

Fergie and Di

Jolly good show, girls! Fergie and Di (PEOPLE, July 20) are trying their best to breathe some spring into the fall of the House of Windsor. C’mon, Lillibet—lighten up.

Mary Emrick

Fairfield, Ohio

Enough is enough. It seems every issue of PEOPLE I’ve gotten in the mail over the last six to eight months has had a story about the royal family. I’m sure there are more interesting subjects your writers can cover.

Marta L. Cohen

Sepulveda, Calif.

There are, Ms. Cohen. Just don’t turn to pages 34 or 92.


I am sure you are going to receive a ton of letters complaining about yet another article on the royals of England, but I for one savor every word. Fergie and Di are the best thing to happen to the royal family in years. In fact, my opinion of the whole Windsor family went up when Charles and Andrew had the good taste to select such darling, fun-loving, unpretentious wives.

Mary Scherzer

Prairie Village, Kans.

Thomas Hutchinson

As the mother of a severely handicapped child, I was very excited about the wonderful invention Thomas Hutchinson has created. My heart sank, though, when I saw the $15,000 price tag. Once again it seems someone is getting very rich off our children’s needs. My daughter could very much benefit from this; unfortunately, she will never get the chance because we simply cannot afford it.

Name Withheld

E. Haddam, Conn.

Dr. Hutchinson replies: “I deeply share the concern of this reader. I can assure her that the cost of ERICA is only little more than the present cost of the parts and includes a service contract and future improvements. The expense is less than the cost of minimal hospital and nursing care for only one month. I hope that future improvements will cut the final price.”


Patty Duke

Thank you for your book excerpt on Patty Duke. I never knew there was so much sadness in her life. She is a wonderful actress. Thank God she came through those terrible years and is finally happy.

Kelly Johns

Kenner, La.

I had the opportunity of meeting Patty Duke in the late ’60s when she was spokesperson for the Muscular Dystrophy Association and my mother was a local chairperson. I remember how impressed I was to meet a star and how warm and personable she was. She seemed so grown-up even though she was only a few years older than I was at the time. I’ve always respected her enormous talent, and I salute her courage in telling her story. All the best, Anna—you deserve it.

Debra Benda Caccamisi


Bill Graham

I would like to thank you for your article on Bill Graham. I cannot tell you how heartbroken I was when I read how those selfish, disgusting people killed those poor horses just for insurance money. If these jerks need money they can sell the horses, even for a loss. Thumbs up to Bill Graham.

Suzanne Cuomo

New York City

Regrettably, our judicial system does not allow us to give criminals punishment befitting their crimes; if we did, I would like to be the one to flick the switch and electrocute the owner who wired his horse to a 110-volt fuse box.

Susan C. Allen

Union, N.H.

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