Jessica Hahn

While I was saddened that Miss Hahn has suffered the humiliation and horror of being sexually assaulted and then being condemned by the church she so faithfully served for so many years, I was disheartened that she would pose nude for Playboy (PEOPLE, Oct. 5). Playboy and other men’s magazines are largely responsible for perpetuating the myth held by many men that women want to look and be treated as sex objects. It is truly sad that Miss Hahn is being used and degraded by a very rich, powerful man—again.

Karen H. Ordogne, D.V.M.

Morgan City, La.

Oh, give me a break! How can Jessica Hahn say she’s not a bimbo? She says she loves God and wants to make him happy. So what is she doing posing in Playboy? She also said that her biggest mistake was not worshipping God. She saw a way to make lots of money and followed that instead of God. She still hasn’t learned her lesson. If she really wanted to free herself of the pain from this tragedy, I don’t think being paid is the way to do it.

Katie Szocinski

Lansing, Mich.

Assuming that Miss Hahn’s allegations of rape are true, I am angered on behalf of all other rape victims who will be hurt by her self-exploitation in Playboy. And this display made her feel clean? Well, $1 million must be great soap. Jessica Hahn has my vote for “Bimbo of the Year.”

Alicia Talley


After reading your story on Jessica Hahn, I had a discussion with a few female co-workers. We each admitted that under the circumstances of Miss Hahn, we would do the same thing and “seize the moment.” The press and everyone else put her in the spotlight, not by choice on her part. All she is doing is making the situation work for her instead of against her. Like other “instant celebrities” before her, one day her name will fade away and become old news. Hang in there, Jessica.

Lisa Link

Hampton, Va.

Sarah Ferguson

I was furious at Jim Fowler’s remark, “She’ll get over it” in regard to Fergie’s reaction to the snake. Like Fergie, I am terrified of snakes. I can’t believe the insensitivity of people. I think Mr. Fowler owes the Duchess of York an apology.

Brenda Brown Independence, Mo.

Helping Hands

I read with great interest your article about the philanthropists helping inner-city children with their dreams of a college education. I was moved to tears. What with all the violence and hatred going on in the world today it was very refreshing to read of such love and compassion. If more people would get involved like this, the world would truly be a better place to live. Keep up the good work.

Kathleen M. Boggs

Wichita, Kans.

Your article about Eugene Lang and his “I Have a Dream Crusade” was very touching. Although Mr. Lang and all the others who are doing so much for the blacks and Latinos should be applauded, isn’t it time someone does something for poor underprivileged white children? For example, the sons and daughters of bankrupt farmers and coal miners and the children living in Appalachia. They are just a small example of the kids who could use a helping hand. Isn’t it time someone starts caring about them too?

Jeanette Quinlan


“There certainly are white students in our program,” replies Mr. Lang. “Our program has focused on the most disadvantaged students in the most disadvantaged schools in the inner cities where the needs are the greatest. Nonminority students are not excluded. If they are part of the class, they are part of the program.”—ED.

Picks & Pans

Two recent reviews were far too “revealing” for a prospective viewer, namely those of No Way Out and Fatal Attraction. Reading either prior to seeing the movie would most certainly spoil the anticipation and suspense. Thank goodness I saw both movies before reading your reviews. Knowing some of the key scenes in advance would have ruined it for me. By all means critique, advise, review or make us curious, but please do not “tell all.”

Miriam Mitchell

White Plains, Md.

Haut Dog

I have just finished reading your article about the two Miami women who sell dog clothing priced at $150 to $300 per outfit. I challenge Ruth Robles and Jane Ulloa to volunteer at a free clothing bank where people are grateful to receive a pair of secondhand pajamas for their child in spite of the fact that the tops and bottoms do not match. Ms. Robles would be inspired to use some of her $15,000-to-$20,000 annual clothing budget to buy a couple hundred pairs of mittens to be sent North where some little fingers will otherwise go cold this winter.

Name Withheld

People starving to death all over the world while lapdogs wear $300 bridal gowns? Phooey!

Rasol Noori

San Francisco

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