By People Staff
October 19, 1987 12:00 PM

Princess Grace’s Kids

It looks like a circus. That’s what Princess Grace would say (PEOPLE, Sept. 28). Just look at the picture of Caroline and Stephanie—they look like clowns. They have tumbled all the hard work and 26 years of labor their mother accomplished. She made Monaco so respectable. As a longtime fan of Grace’s and as a Catholic, I pray that Albert marries the right lady to take Princess Grace’s place.

Louisa Armstrong

Jackson, Miss.

There is no dark side to Prince Albert of Monaco. As an old friend from Amherst College, I can attest to the fact that he’s responsible, yet fun loving, and has never had anything to do with substance abuse. At Amherst his kindness and accessibility to other students were legendary. He lived on campus(unlike other VIPs who chose to shroud themselves in mystery) and could turn no one away from a weekend get-together. His mother would be very proud of him.

Robert Thompson

Burbank, Calif.

Lorne Greene

In 1982 my father, who was very, very dear to me, passed away. Last summer, as I awaited the arrival of a plane at the Los Angeles airport, I sat down next to a gentle man who so reminded me of my father. It was a real pleasure waiting. We spoke as though we’d known each other our entire lives, and he even gave me advice on raising my son. When the man’s plane arrived and he left, I felt a terrible loss. I think of him often. The man, Lorne Greene, had a very special impact on my life. Rest in peace, Mr. Greene, and tell my dad his daughter and grandson are doing fine. We miss both of you.

Candy Rattelman

Ventura, Calif.

Al Neuharth

This I can’t resist. I went to the University of South Dakota with Al and worked on the school paper when he was editor. He and I were in several journalism classes together, and Mr. Neuharth often fell asleep and snored so loudly that it was hard to hear our professor expounding on how to become a great journalist. Al must have been listening in his sleep—or did he make up his own rules on that subject? Way to go, Al.

Helen Travis Turner

Loveland, Colo.

Judi Emens

Well, you’ve done it again. Sandwiched between an article about very self-centered, bored trendsetters and an egomaniacal publisher, we find a real human being. The contrast of Judi Emens’ totally selfless efforts to make life a little easier for disabled children was jarring. You have only to look at Judi’s face to see who is getting the most joy out of life.

Stephanie Wilcox

Manton, Mich.

Bishop Anthimos Draconakis

As a faithful member of the Greek Orthodox Church, I would like to extend my love and support to Despina Gallas and the entire Gallas family. It’s a disgrace that such a thing could happen in such a well-respected religion. Bishop Anthimos knew what he was getting into when he took his vows of celibacy, and I feel he should be punished for his actions. There is too much politics involved in religion, and the archdiocese must re-evaluate the loyalty of its supposed leaders.

Martin Christopher

Laramie, Wyo.