October 05, 1987 12:00 PM

Michael Jackson

Your article on Michael Jackson made me very sad (PEOPLE, Sept. 14). In a country that prides itself on freedom and individuality, why is everyone so eager to call someone weird? Michael’s new album Bad is wonderful. I, for one, appreciate his creativity and artistry as well as the man himself. And as far as his life-style is concerned, “ain’t nobody’s business.”

Mary Ellen Coghlan

Warwick, N.Y.

What kind of chicanery are Michael Jackson and his manager trying to pull? While he admits to nose surgery, anyone who has not been declared legally blind can compare his 1979 Off the Wall album cover to the Bad one and see that Michael has had eyelid surgery, cheekbone and facial reconstruction as well as his skin lightened. I can remember the cute little ebony-skinned kid prancing around stage as one of the Jackson Five. What ever happened to “Black is Beautiful?”

Beverly Miller

Los Angeles

Being a fan of Michael Jackson’s, I was very pleased to see that someone had finally settled all those rumors surrounding him recently. Your story was one of the best I’ve read.

Kimberly Johnson

Sparks, Nev.

Louise and Clifford Ray

I have just read, with disgust, your article on the abuses from the citizens of Arcadia, Fla., against the Ray family. The heartbreak the family must be feeling over the unfairness of life—their discovery that their most precious possessions, their sons, have been stricken with AIDS—must be devastating. At the time when they need support and friendships, all they get is a community of misinformed fools. I wish I could tell the Rays where they could go to live peacefully. Unfortuantely, Arcadia does not hold the monopoly on ignorance and bigotry. It only appears that way.

Susan Teply

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Your article about the Ray family and the town of Arcadia, Fla., left me furious. Danny Tew’s group claims to read letters to the editor, and I certainly hope they read this one. I consider myself a well-informed American, and I see this group as a bunch of ignorant, uncaring troublemakers. If they were truly concerned about helping their country, they would worry about this kind of misinformation spreading to others who might be ignorant enough to believe it. My heart goes out to the Rays and other families who are up against the AIDS virus and the horrors it brings to their lives. People like the group in Arcadia just add to the horror.

Jennifer Arnold

Bowie, Md.

Janet Tew should change the name of her beauty salon from “Total Elegance” to “Total Ignorance.” It better reflects the image of Arcadia.

Sally Phillips

Groton, N.Y.

Jennifer Grey

Okay, okay. Jennifer Grey made an exciting lead-role debut in Dirty Dancing, but let’s not forget it takes two to tango, or in this case, mambo. Patrick Swayze seems to land soft-heart, hard-luck roles, but he lends erotic appeal to this film. There must be a Johnny Castle in every woman’s memory. Let’s see an article on Swayze. He can pachanga on my veranda anytime.

Gay Newell

Williamsport, Pa.

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