July 06, 1987 12:00 PM

Donna Rice

While all the sanctimonious do-gooders are shouting “sleazy journalism” and “invasion of privacy,” I have to take my hat off to PEOPLE for exposing lying politicians and stupid Phi Beta Kappas (PEOPLE, June 15). Your recent Donna Rice cover story by Lynn Armandt won’t evoke any sympathy for poor Donna and her sleepless nights, and it just showed America how lucky we are to be spared a rank amateur like Gary Hart.

Julie Young Wood


Lynn Armandt says Donna Rice “has a lot of fears about being portrayed as not such a nice girl when in fact she is a nice girl.” I’ve got news for Armandt and Rice—having sex with someone else’s husband is not nice by any definition of the word. Have we, as a nation, become so completely immoral as to term adultery as nothing more than “naïveté”?

Annie Burns


Donna Rice’s biggest mistake was choosing Lynn Armandt as a friend. What Ms. Armandt did to Donna was first performed by a man named Judas, although Ms. Armandt will gain more than 30 pieces of silver. Her story was a total sellout.

Bain J. Cheshire

Concord, Calif.

With “pals” like Lynn Armandt, who needs enemies?

Julie Tasson

Ishpeming, Mich.

Unfortunately once again I am unable to put your magazine out on a table in our reception area in our office. The cover is even worse than your last cover of Donna Rice. I don’t mind your running articles about Donna Rice and Gary Hart; in fact I’m glad you do. But these two covers show just a little too much skin for the reception area. We thought we subscribed to PEOPLE, not Playboy.

Carol Wilson

Arlington, Texas

I think the Phi Beta Kappa society ought to demand the return of Donna Rice’s key. Lynn Armandt’s picture of her makes Donna Rice appear to be the ditsiest blonde since My Friend Irma.

Barbara P. Little

Hatboro, Pa.


The stress and life-styles of people in the entertainment field call for a letting off of steam occasionally. I don’t blame Bruce Willis one bit for partying when he gets the chance. Just because he didn’t invite his neighbors is no reason to get down on the fellow’s case. I imagine he pays his mortgage like everyone else on the block. Maybe the solution is for Bruce to buy the block and evict his neighbors.

Diane Turner

Nauvoo, Ala.

If Mr. T is allergic to trees, why didn’t he make a decision to live in the desert? Indeed the charm and beauty of Lake Forest is in its magnificent scenery and history. Having been born and raised in Lake Forest and now living in Virginia Beach, Va., I’d give my right arm to have a wooded lot and not an asphalt jungle.

Liza Everett

Virginia Beach, Va.

Gregory Peck

I have enjoyed most of your articles and have disliked a few, but your story on Mr. Gregory Peck was one of your best to date. Here is a man whose movies I have enjoyed for many years and who I had long imagined had many great, admirable qualities. I now know why he is such a giant on the screen—he is a giant in life.

Marva L. Williams

Lancaster, Calif.

Take One

I just want to express my outrage at Michael Jackson’s wish to buy the remains of John Merrick, the “Elephant Man.” We all sit back and snicker at Jackson’s eccentricities, but this is nothing to laugh about. His wanting to buy another human being—living or dead, oddity or not—is the ultimate height of bad taste, to say nothing of immorality. The Elephant Man was just that, a man, and he deserves to be treated, in death, as he wished to be treated in life—as a human being, not something to be put in Michael Jackson’s collection of antiquities.

Nancy J. Engman

San Francisco

Why doesn’t Michael Jackson spend his $50000 for research of neurofibromatosis to combat this terrible, crippling disease? He could possibly save a child from disfigurement and blindness. One child’s life is worth a lot more than a skeleton to put on display. Whenever he sings We Are The World, I hope he remembers it is up to us to help all children live better and healthy lives.

Edwina Sue Smith

Grove City, Ohio

Jerry Falwell

When are the Christians of America going to wake up and see that these TV preachers are only con men posing as evangelists? What have they done for their Christian audiences except ask for money? Jerry Falwell is as bad as the Bakkers. He’s not in this business for anything but his own personal gain. Sadly, the only losers are the people sending in money.

Gloria Stewart

Orem, Utah

While I read with interest your article on the Rev. Jerry Falwell, I was especially fascinated with the photograph of Falwell and his “loyal wife, Macel.” It appears that Jim and Tammy aren’t the only ones who like Rolex watches.

Lucy M. Buntain

Lincoln, Nebr.

Picks & Pans

PEOPLE, I think it’s time to get a new movie reviewer. I, for one, take exception to Ralph Novak’s review of the film The Untouchables. I am sorry that Mr. Novak has to compare a new film with an early ’60s television show and old gangster movies. I would think he would want to judge a film on its own merit. Mr. Novak may have wished Kevin Costner were Robert Stack; I wish Novak were Vincent Canby [of the New York Times].

Kathy Gerhardt

New York City

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