By People Staff
Updated June 15, 1987 12:00 PM

Beatty and Hoffman

Who do Warren Beatty, Dustin Hoffman and Elaine May think they are, making a good-hearted film like Ishtar (PEOPLE, May 25)? Don’t these people know that this is 1987, a year when homicidal delinquents and crass cops rule the cinema? There is no room for style, sentiment and gentle silliness in the theater these days, right? Wrong. Forget the fortune spent on it. Ishtar, with its two lovable, tone-deaf heroes, is just plain fun.

Florine B. Hanson

Whittier, Calif.

I saw Ishtar yesterday and I thought it was the worst movie I have ever seen—sheer trash from beginning to end—and I can’t understand why two stars of Hoffman’s and Beatty’s caliber would even consider making anything like this. How could this movie cost $50 million? There were no gorgeous clothes, no magnificent sets. In fact no money appears to have been spent on anything, including a script. If Hoffman and Beatty had made this as their first film, I very much doubt if they would ever have made another one.

Sylvia S. Anderson

Marietta, Ga.

Lee Hart

The real tragedy of Gary Hart is his need to pursue fantasy when the quality of his reality is so apparent. Lee Hart is the real thing. I agree with her daughter—Lee would make a wonderful President.

Helen Cleary


Lee Hart a heroine? I think not. Any woman who would stand by a man who has repeatedly made a public mockery of his marriage and family is just a pitiful fool.

Karen C. Larsen

High Bridge, N.J.

Jenifer Graham

Like thousands of other biology students across the country, I had to dissect a frog too. That doesn’t mean we all enjoyed it, but it was required as part of the class, and nobody had had to go through extensive therapy to get over the trauma of touching a frog’s insides. What does she intend to do to all of the people who eat frogs legs? If she cannot morally accept dissecting a frog like all the rest of us have had to do, then she should accept the fact that the school has every right to place a notation on her transcripts that she did not participate in the project. If Jenifer thinks she will receive special treatment for the rest of her life, she’d better wake up.

Teresa Crowell

Glendale Heights, Ill.

Bravo, Jenifer! For someone only 14, this girl has displayed a remarkable amount of maturity, courage, conviction and pure unadulterated soul in refusing to do something she knows is morally wrong. How I wish her spirit were contagious, so that all of us could unite to save the animals.

Raleigh Thompson

New York City

Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter

So Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter are unable to comprehend their 1980 political defeat? I can’t believe it. What world were they living in while the rest of us struggled with double digit inflation, double digit interest rates and worldwide humiliation at the hands of Iran and the Soviet Union? And to think Rosalynn actually entertained the idea of Jimmy running for President again. With all of our country’s problems, the last thing we need is another Carter Administration. Carter’s policies (or lack of them) brought hardship and disgrace to our country, and we can only benefit if we never hear from Jimmy and Rosalynn again.

Richard Riggs

Newport Beach, Calif.

Call them dull, call him ineffectual. I call the Carters caring, bright, intelligent, moral and the kind of couple we need more of as role models. They are honest to their own detriment, but I’ll bet Mr. Hart wishes he had only lusted in his heart.

Karen Martin