May 25, 1987 12:00 PM

Michael Caine

Your cover article (PEOPLE, May 4) was a refreshing change. It’s so nice to read about an actor who does not worry about every hair being in place. I had the honor to stand next to Mr. Caine, a fellow Londoner, at L.A.’s airport a few years ago while waiting for our luggage. I was impressed that he had time to say a few words to me when he knew that we were from the same city. I, too, miss the English rain and my garden. Say hello to London town for me, Maurice.

Michele K. Del Pietro

Levittown, N.Y.


I have just finished the article about Maria’s rape. It touched me someplace I did not know existed. I am 22 and also a student. I could not take my eyes off the article from start to finish. I cried all the way through. It was so gripping. I felt that it was happening to me. I just want to tell Maria how brave she is for telling about the agony she went through. My heart goes out to her.

Diane Cox

Bakersfield, Calif.

As the founder of Women Against Rape (N.J.) I have read hundreds of articles about that crime over the years, but never have I seen a more moving, frightening story that left me as emotionally drained. There was no hint of seduction, as frequently found in many articles, just sheer terror, fear and degradation. The more I read, the more pain I felt for Maria. Hopefully, those reading her story will never again say, “She was asking for it” or, “Did she enjoy it?”

Joan McKenna

Collingswood, N.J.

I would like to thank your magazine for handling Maria’s story in such a professional manner. Running the suspect’s description along with the composite sketch, and the case detective’s name and phone number is commendable. Maria’s story should be carefully read, particularly by the bleeding hearts on Capitol Hill who draft and pass the laws that allow animals like the one who violated her to go free or receive lenient sentences.

Sydney McCormick


I was appalled at your “recipe for rape” by one of your writers. I am sure it proved cathartic for Maria to write this account, but I think that it could very well inspire some maniac to follow the script.

Carol Susan Roth

Woodside, Calif.

I am a rape victim and could truly relate with Maria in all aspects of her story. I was hospitalized for two weeks due to depression and nervousness following the horrid ordeal. I also spent eight months in therapy, twice a week. I still suffer from depression occasionally. The things we go through are outrageous. I wish Maria the best of luck, and am happy to hear she is receiving counseling. I just want her to know she is not alone. I hope the creep who attacked her gets the book.

Mitzi Brewer

Lubbock, Texas

Hill Street Blues

As a minimal television watcher, but a devoted Hill Street fan, I will never admit that “it’s time” for this marvelous entertainment to end. Like the last spoon from an ice cream dish, I regret that there is nothing left. Syndication will be my second helping.

Ronald S. Carner

Port Washington, N.Y.

Amy Carter & Abbie Hoffman

Concerning Abbie Hoffman’s statement about “Ronald Reagan’s drug hysteria”: Drugs kill, Mr. Hoffman! They kill families, love, trust, motivation, self-esteem. I am 44 and to me it is unbelievable how open drug use is. The “hysteria” is simply people educating others about the dangers. I hope Hoffman’s book ends up where it belongs—in the trash.

Carolyn Meyer

Ojai, Calif.

In Vitro Fertilization

“Rent-A-Womb” may become another sick example of the incredibly selfish Me Generation. The “cottage industry” could have devastating effects on our nation in countless ways. What about handicapped children born to surrogate mothers? Anyone callous enough to “rent” a mother in the first place would undoubtably experience little hesitation about trying again for something better if the funds allowed. As much as I empathize with the desire of Elliot and Sandy to have their own child, I’m afraid that they may have set an unfortunate precedent.

Regina Spencer Sipple

Santa Ana, Calif.

I think while articles like “And Baby Makes Four” do much to support surrogacy, they do very little for the true self-esteem of girls and women.

Shannon Boff worked 24 hours daily for nine months culminating in hours of the most intense and painful work to make only $10,000 for what is the world’s most valuable ability—creating human life. If that infant were in trouble, and a doctor had to save her, the cost might be hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I wonder how much Sandy and Elliot paid for the cars they drive or their home. Surely they could have spent as much on the making of their daughter.

Nancy Jane Albin

Hampton, N.J.

Dana Carvey

The Church Lady is the best thing to hit Saturday Night Live since John Belushi! More, more, more, D.C.!

Paula Nordan

Fall River, Mass.

Take One

On the April 27th edition of our Late Show Starring Joan Rivers, Miss Rivers made certain disparaging remarks about PEOPLE, prompted by your item about her. We feel it is important that you know that those remarks were Miss Rivers’ alone and were neither approved nor endorsed by Fox Broadcasting Company. We apologize on behalf of Fox for the tone of those remarks and for any implication of a general lack of standards in your magazine’s reporting.

Jess Wittenberg

Senior Vice President

Fox Broadcasting Co.

Los Angeles

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