March 23, 1987 12:00 PM

Pam Dawber

I was thrilled to read the article on Pam Dawber (PEOPLE, March 2) and to see that she too has been bothered with being assertive. I am constantly being reminded that if I don’t start being more assertive in life, then I’m not going to get very far. Well, if assertiveness will give me results like Pam Dawber, then I think I’ll go for it!

Deborah L. Ullom

Columbus, Ohio

In your recent article on Pam Dawber you mentioned that her fiancé, Mark Harmon, would remain as the “Sexiest Man Alive” until we, the readers, clamor for a replacement. Well, I’m clamoring. What is so great about Harmon? I, personally, prefer the wit and charm of the very sexy, suave Pierce Brosnan. And if you don’t agree, just bring back Mel.

Karen Murphy

Newburgh, N.Y.

Now tell me truly how anyone cannot think Tom Selleck isn’t the “Sexiest Man Alive.” Even my 3-year-old daughter calls him “our man.” Mark Harmon is cute, but sexy as a Care Bear.

Donna M. Johnson

Shelbyville, Ind.

Jean Simmons

Thank you for the article on lovely Jean Simmons. She made marvelous big movies such as The Robe and Elmer Gantry, but she should have received an Oscar for her role in a small, excellent film, Home Before Dark. Thank you, Miss Simmons, for the many, many hours of pleasure you have given me.

Keith R. Jestice

Riverside, Calif.

Oliver Stone

I find Oliver Stone’s hostility toward noncombatants in Vietnam rather strange. After all, he volunteered for combat duty. Did he actually think war was just a big adventure, or believe that he was fighting for a moral cause? As a draftee, I didn’t ask to be part of the military or to be sent to Vietnam. I wanted no part of the Army or prison, but those were my alternatives. Stone should put the blame where it belongs—on the government. Platoon was a movie that should have been made long ago, but Stone’s attitude stinks. I never made any money off of Vietnam.

George Gronkowski

Missoula, Mont.

Thank you, Oliver Stone. Your movie Platoon has taught this 18-year-old something that no history book has ever done!

Jodie Eck

Columbia, Pa.

Watching the movie Platoon was like seeing and hearing the daily news all over again: The movie is so realistic. My husband served in Vietnam in 1966-1967. At first I read all the newspaper reports and watched everything on TV about the war. He wrote of rifles that jammed, of being in helicopters that were shot down, of seeing Americans with horrible wounds in their lifeless bodies. It has been 20 years but the movie brought back many things; some he shared were worse than those in his letters. To those who served in combat and to those who served by waiting at home and praying, the trauma of Vietnam perhaps will fade as time goes by. But for now it seems the remembered pain of it all is just beneath the surface, waiting to be re-exposed by the realism of Platoon.

Jean Gouveia

Fayetteville, N.C.

I cannot believe “the war that Stone survived is not the same war that most American soldiers experienced.” What does he think that most American soldiers were doing in past wars—just having fun?

Betty Sheets

Red Oaks, Texas

I have seen Platoon twice and I feel that it is the best movie based on Vietnam I’ve seen. Stone deserves every Oscar nomination he is bombarded with. Platoon makes Rambo look like a cartoon.

Tricia Marrapodi

Tucson, Ariz.

Mario Van Peebles

Bravo! Your article on Mario Van Peebles was so timely. Subsequent to seeing Van Peebles on L.A. Law and The Facts of Life, I wanted to know more about him and your article provided that information. However, it should be illegal to be that gorgeous. Thanks again, PEOPLE.

Linessa Joyce Walker

Blue Springs, Mo.

Take One

I truly admire Sandahl Bergman for standing up for what she believes. Today’s movies are so full of nudity they aren’t worth watching. I wish more actresses would stand up for themselves. People are sick of all skin and no plot. Hollywood, you could learn a lot from the old movies.

Anne McNeeley

Birmingham, Ala.

I read with interest Sandahl Bergman’s comments on doing a topless scene in a movie. She certainly came off with a “holier-than-thou” attitude, as if she’d never done a topless scene in her life and would never dream of starting now. Has she forgotten the highly erotic dance number she did in All That Jazz, clad in nothing but a skimpy string bikini bottom?

Carole L. Phillips

Arlington, Va.

Mark David Chapman

You’ve gone too far for me. Devoting two weeks to the tortured life and sick mind of Mark David Chapman was more than I could bear. I don’t care about his miserable childhood and his mental suffering. He robbed us all of a great genius. You’ve rubbed salt in the wounds of millions.

Susan Long

Kalispell, Mont.

Hats off to James R. Gaines! His story on the tragic demise of John Lennon was both thoroughly researched and very well done. Thank you, PEOPLE, for having the courage to print it. One last thought is offered to the warden at Attica—in the future, please keep all windows locked tightly.

Richard M. Lesinski

Runnemede, N.J.

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