By People Staff
July 14, 1986 12:00 PM

Unmarried Men

It is absolutely deplorable that in 1986 you would continue to use terms like “catch” to describe unmarried men (PEOPLE, June 23), while referring to unmarried women a few months ago as “old maids.” You perpetuate and reinforce the myth of the desperate woman seeking any husband while the selective man “holds out” for the woman of his choice. Some women, believe it or not, choose to remain unmarried, and your eligible bachelors could no more solve the women’s problems than they could their own.

Courtney O’Malley

Washington, D.C.

My only words to the girl who said “No” to John James when he asked her to marry him are “What a fool!”

Lisa Fohring

Newport Beach, Calif.

You have a nerve calling these men eligible. The only one worth his salt is Mark Harmon, not because of his pretty face but because he is the only one who seems like a genuine, sincere person. Women as a group are choosy. The good ones believe in natural selection. And I (at 28) would not select anyone of those self-centered men. Marry them and you’ll find yourself alone in five years—with a passel of his brats to raise. I have not noticed a shortage of men, just a shortage of gentlemen.

Peggy Celeste Todaro

Bloomfield, N.J.

I would be willing to bake chocolate-chip cookies for George Brett anytime, but I’m afraid he’d have to use my meat loaf for batting practice.

A.M. Smith

Waco, Texas

I found your article on the unmarried man very misleading. Let’s face the facts. The average American woman like myself stands one chance in a million of ever meeting one of these bachelors, not to mention the even smaller chance of going out with one. It makes me realize how happy I am with my average American man.

Rachell Cook

New Philadelphia, Ohio

Picks & Pans

As the contestant who answered Jeff Jarvis’ favorite game show question of all time (“What are the three main ingredients of a BLT sandwich”), I didn’t, until he pointed it out to me, ever realize it was that idiotic! When you have literally tenths of a second to buzz in, beat your opponent and answer, I think it’s pretty good to come up with an answer at all! Besides, after winning big on Sale of the Century and answering that question along the way, anyone knows the answer is beluga, lettuce and tomato.

John Gose

Los Angeles

I’ll bet that Jeff Jarvis, who called me “grand old man of the games,” watched me on Truth or Consequences when he was a little boy. The lad forgets how young I was when I started. Jeff should be spanked.

Bob Barker


Van Halen

The best thing to ever happen to Van Halen was David Lee Roth’s departure. Sammy Hagar does more than just replace Roth, he lets the whole band be known for what they should be: a group of musicians that should all be in the spotlight.

Tracie Cassady


I can’t understand why the members of the new Van Halen feel the urge to dismiss David Lee Roth as a load off everybody’s back, considering that it was his style which launched the band to stardom. Roth’s personality and sense of humor broadened Van Halen’s appeal. As a fan for eight years and a veteran of four of the group’s concerts, I left their most recent show wishing, “Why can’t this be Dave?”

Steve Wagner

Chappaqua, N.Y.


Though his comment was meant in jest, I believe Richard (Dr. Kildare) Chamberlain would still be amused to know he has at least one fan who is very much alive. For me, Kildare does not bring to mind a county in Ireland but a tiny era of Chamberlain’s career. I have enjoyed and followed his acting from The Secret of the Purple Reef through Dr. Kildare to his present fine and developed style of acting. He should not be allowed to lament that time of learning and growing. Yes, Richard, there is a fan out here, one from the “quick” side of the grave.

Eileen Davis

Ossining, N.Y.


I am a chemical allergy patient—allergic (or sensitive, as many physicians prefer to say) to formaldehyde, phenol, ethanol, glycerin, etc. For four days I have ached, been sick to my stomach and wakened with a sore throat and ringing ears. Nothing in our home seemed to be different. The article about George Prior was like a light going on. I immediately found the yard man and sure enough, the foundations and shrubs were sprayed on Monday, and the homes in a nearby development had been sprayed this week. When will people and the regulating authorities realize we are killing people with the chemicals they are allowed to eat, touch and breathe?

Ann H. Hardacre

Anderson, Ind.