February 03, 1986 12:00 PM

Ingrid Bergman

In my opinion, the portrait of Ingrid Bergman was the best PEOPLE cover ever. Too bad the story accompanying it was hype for another of those “dark side” biographies. I had hoped all the uptight, self-righteous moralizing and analyzing of the Bergman “scandal” was over and done with 36 years ago. She was a passionate, honest woman of great beauty, as well as a gifted artist whose performances are among our most cherished treasures. She said of herself, “I was given courage, a sense of adventure and a little bit of humor. I have had a wonderful life. I have never regretted what I did.” Let that be her monument.

Harry Patrick Christian Jr.

Roselle Park, N.J.

Sin Poll

I was astonished to see what is essentially an archaic religious concern (i.e., “sin”), appropriate and consequential only to the Pilgrims or the Bible, on the pages of PEOPLE. Did you write this issue in church? To me, the phrase “It’s a sin” became strictly a slang expression years ago. Of your long list of so-called sins to be rated, only a few might be considered amoral, let alone criminal acts. Laziness and overeating? Our puritanical forefathers would have condemned most of America. Let’s have more hard news or I’ll burn your magazine at the stake!

Judy D. Mann

Yardley, Pa.

A poll to “find out what, if anything, qualifies as a sin in 1986?” And if popular opinion should dictate there will be no sin in 1986, I ask you, who shall tell God to rewrite the Book? It matters not how your readers view sin, what has always and will forever matter more is how God views sin; and his perspective is not “in constant flux.” Sin is falling short of God’s will in our lives; missing the mark. I can only hope that your readers will not regard the results of your poll as the gospel truth but will instead look into the Gospel for Truth.

Sue Waters

Port Hueneme, Calif.

See next week’s issue for the results.


Teddy Pendergrass

As a radio personality for WDAS-FM in Philadelphia, I have often interviewed Teddy Pendergrass on my program. Throughout the course of our warm personal and professional relationship, I have come to admire and be inspired by Teddy’s undaunted courage, perseverance and his commitment to excel. But I was surprised to see that you incorrectly identified me as his lovely dancer girlfriend, Karen Still. It reminded me of that old expression, “You can’t believe everything you read or see.”

Dyana Williams


We apologize.


Keith Kitson

Please do not allow your readers to think that all Southerners share Virgil Kitson’s opinion of guns. I have lived in the South all my life and while I’ve known many people who used guns for hunting and target practice, I have never known anyone who would allow a 16-year-old boy to carry a revolver in his car.

Cathey Holmes

Albany, Ga.

The father of Keith Kitson ought to be thrown in jail for child neglect at the least and perhaps accessory to a crime. I’m a Southerner too and I can assure you that it will snow in hell before my son or daughter will be given a gun to keep in his or her car or bedroom. A parent, friend, community and a nation that tolerates arming children is sick, sick, sick. Sure Virgil, your kid may have “made it to adulthood…and have been a hell of a man,” but he didn’t did he? And as far as this reader is concerned, you might as well have pulled the trigger on that child yourself.

Dianne K. Andersen


How sad for Keith Kitson, his family and indeed all of us that our society continues to think that guns and manhood are synonymous.

Marlene Aronoff



If Bruce Willis is a “frequent patron” of Ben Frank’s and the staff knows his breakfast order so well that they can report it to PEOPLE, one can only wonder why they can’t get it right when he comes in. All restaurant patrons—TV stars included—are entitled to receive what they ordered, without fear of being labeled “unwelcome” or “not nice.” It’s no wonder that Bruce is publicity-shy.

Robin Reizner

Des Plaines, Ill.

I am appalled to find that at a time when the national debt is in the billions and the Pentagon is being turned inside out for financial mismanagement Ron and Nancy could not have found at least one double bed in all of Switzerland that would have been comfortable enough for them to sleep in. Granted this was a historic trip, but when most people go on a business trip they don’t take their own furniture. I feel this shows a total disregard for the intelligence of all Americans when President Reagan informs us that we must cut back if we are to straighten out the nation’s financial woes and he can’t do without his own bed for two nights. Also, could you please let me know when the next summit will be. I’ll supply the chauffeurs with coffee and only charge $1.75—and even throw in a doughnut.

James Fenton

Washington, D.C.

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